Cooper River Bridge Run

This past Saturday, we ran the Cooper River Bridge Run!

It was a beautiful day in the mid-60s!

Loved my texts from the girls on the last mile!

I didn’t know I was so close to running it under an hour.  Next year, I’ll focus more and not take videos and photos during the race.  Haha.  But it’s just so hard not to!  Such a fun race!

Love that we all wore pink and black and didn’t plan it.

One of my cousins ran the race too!  Actually two of them did, but this is the only one that I got a pic with.  They’re both MUCH faster than me, so we didn’t run together.

This double cheeseburger at Edmund’s Oast sure hit the spot!

Lanier’s never been a runner and has never shown interest in running the bridge, so I always tag along with friends for the race and we always have the BEST time!

Game Changers at Home Team!

Couldn’t believe we were wearing long sleeves at the Riverdogs Game last Friday night!  We took advantage of the cooler weather last week as long as we could.  This week, it’s been back in the 90s.  Hoping for another cool down soon!

Wearing his rally cap in the bottom of the 9th!

If you’re local and haven’t had a chance to make it to a game yet, plan to go to one next year.  We always have the best time!  And the best part, after this series, the Riverdogs were the Low-A East Champions this year!  The first time they’ve won in 99 years!

Big News!  Vaughn learned how to ride a bike last weekend!  We’re so excited for him!!  We knew he could do it, but waited for him to tell us when he was ready to learn.

Wore this sweater to the game.  Super comfy and true to size.  Wearing a small.  My shorts are a few years old, by Rag & Bone.

Can’t say enough about this dress!  I wore it again last night to dinner.  I keep saying I need to order it in more colors.  Only $18!  Love it!