Loving Lately: Spring Edition

Criss Cross Sandals // Striped Sandals // Cutwork Lace Dress // Silk Ruffle Tank // Light Pink Minnie Flat // Maxi Dress // Lip Treatment // Hair Oil // Blue Lens Sunnies // Round Sunnies // Tennis Bag // Tie Neck Blouse // Cover-Up // Hot Pink Polish // Navy Dress // Striped Sailor Pants // Grey Tassel Clutch

Since I haven’t done one of these in awhile, I knew one of these posts was long overdue.  So many pretty things have debuted this season!  Sharing lots of them with you today!

Linen Tunic Cover-Up

It’s never too early to be thinking of beach cover-ups, right?  Loving the colors of this one!  The hot pink tassels sealed the deal!

Striped Sandals

Because who doesn’t love a pair of Millers.  While I love my gold and tan ones, this new striped pair is so fun and nautical for spring/summer.  For fit, they’re true to size.

Criss Cross Sandals

I ordered these before our tropical vacay, and I still continue to love wearing them.  They’re comfortable and stay on your feet well.  For fit, I’m an 8.5 and wear a 9 in them.

Orly Polish in Headliner

I’ve had some of you ask about my hot pink color on my nails I’ve been wearing lately.  It’s this color by Orly.

Cutwork Lace Dress

The lace detail on this dress is exquisite.  Looks super expensive, but it’s actually at a great  price point.  Plus, you can’t go wrong with a pretty white dress for spring!

Silk Ruffle Tank

I cannot wait for this top to arrive!  It reminds me of the shape of this striped top that I have and love, but it’s dressier.  Although I’ll be honest, I may wear it from everything to jeans to cutoffs.  Currently 25% off with code: GETSHOPPING.

Minnie Flat

After loving my first pair of these flats, I’m considering another pair for spring.  This light pink is so pretty, and would pair well with some many pieces in your closet, grey, black, white, etc.  Fit is true to size.

Maxi Dress

Absolutely LOVE the bold prints and colors of this maxi dress.  I know I’ve had some of you ask for ideas for spring weddings, and this one is at the top of my list for a wedding I’m attending next month.  It runs a little big.  I’m wearing a 4.  Also, the pretty drapey bow at the back of the neck is gorgeous!

Oribe Lip Treatment

I know I’ve raved about this lip treatment before, but it sells out so quickly I wanted to let you know it’s back in stock again.  But hurry, it won’t last long.  It’s so good and will last you forever!

Oribe Gold Lust Oil

Since we’re talking Oribe, my favorite hair product line, I use this hair oil on my damp hair before I dry it every single time.  Makes my hair super soft.  I’m obsessed and it smells so good!

Navy Dress

Absolutely LOVE the fit of this navy dress.  You may remember I already have it in the blue print too.  I’ve already worn it a few times and have received lots of compliments on it.  The fabric is flowy and lightweight.  Just amazing.  You’ll love it too!

Le Specs Sunnies

Found these oldies but goodies the other day.  They’re so fun and great lightweight.  Plus, they’re at a great price point, only $69!  For links to what the children are wearing here, head back to yesterday’s post.

Oversize Round Sunnies

Cannot tell you how excited I was to see these sunnies in Tory Burch’s latest collection.  They’re gorgeous on the model and the color way they went with is perfect!

Tennis Bag

I’ve been thinking of getting a new tennis bag for awhile now, but honestly, the selection out there is not the great.  Well, when I spilled coffee on the inside of my bag last week, I realized it was time to get a new one.  Imagine my surprise when I googled tennis bags and Tory Burch came up.  And y’all, it’s everything!  I’ll admit the price tag is a little steep, but when it has everything you need in a tennis bag, and I honestly haven’t bought a new one in years, I thought it was time.  Plus, I feel like I needed to celebrate a great season.  Read the reviews, everyone raves about the tennis ball can compartments, the bottom compartment that will hold your shoes, and how cute is that little tennis ball accessory.  Can’t wait for it to arrive!  Check out the rest of Tory’s tennis collection here.

Tie Neck Blouse

Because I love a pretty blouse, especially if it has a nautical theme, my eye stopped on this top.  So happy that I’m seeing pretty blouses now for spring from my favorite designers.

Striped Sailor Pants

I’ve never been a big fan of high waisted pants, but after wearing these, sign me up!  Super comfy too!  Paired mine above with this top and these tassel earrings.

Ava Clutch

This clutch is Gigi New York’s latest addition to their collection.  So small and simple.  Perfect for everyday or a night out.  Get it personalized and shipped for FREE today!!  Spend $250+ and receive a free Poppy Foldover Wallet (an $80 value!).

There’s seriously so much to love this spring!  Loving all the bright colors and fresh, clean lines.  Now if this weather would get back to the weather we had last week, we’d really be in business.

Happy Tuesday!


4 thoughts on “Loving Lately: Spring Edition

  1. So cute! Love all of it and love the look of those blue and white striped pants on you. I am starting to get major spring cleaning fever and I would love to know your tips on how you clean out your closet. I’ve been in such a bad habit of buying new, but then sad to say goodbye to older things in my closet. How do you decide what to get rid of and keep your closet clean?

    1. I just knocked my spring cleaning out a few weeks ago. Feels so good. I do have a hard time parting with some of my favorites, so I usually just store my must-keeps in another closet. I also have my favorite designers so I usually never part with designers like my Mara, Lilly, etc. and I usually keep anything neutral as far as shoes. It also depends on what I can fit into from the previous spring too, haha. If I can’t and I still love it, I’ll store it in the other closet too. Lol. Since I’m always sharing the newest and best, I love having a fresh start, but my basics like solid color tees and of course sunnies stay with me from season to season. Hope that helps! Good luck cleaning out! Feels so good. Now I need to tackle the kiddos’ closets!!

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