Loving Lately

Tie Front Maxi Dress // Aqua Mini Dress // Blue Midi Dress // Green Floral Dress // Fuschia Maxi Dress // Ravello Hat // Blush Wine Glass Set // Raffia Lime Earrings (15% off with code: ASHLEY15) // Pink Puff Sleeve Maxi Dress (with Belt) // Stanley 40oz Tumbler // Blue Hearts Pajamas // Lip Gloss

I’ve been crushing on so much color lately.  Sharing my faves with y’all today…

Tie Front Maxi Dress

Such a cute dress.  Feel like you could pair with a cute jacket for now and wear it as is when the weather gets warmer.

Aqua Mini Dress

Comes in this cute shorter version too.

Blue Midi Dress

In love with the color, print and style of this dress!

Green Floral Dress

I’ve had my eye on this dress for awhile now.  Each season it comes out in different colors and I’m loving the latest green.


Fuschia Maxi Dress

Pink’s always been my favorite color.  Love this one so much!

Ravello Hat

I’ve been shopping this hat for awhile, but still can’t decide on which style I want to go with.  This is the original style.  I ordered it and will report back on the fit soon.  If y’all know more details about how these fit, would so appreciate the advice.

Blush Wine Glass Set

My favorite colored glasses!  The blush is by far my favorite.

Raffia Lime Earrings

My favorite earring designer just came out with their resort collection and I’m loving this combo so much.  Use code: ASHLEY15 for 15% off your order.  Lots of pink combos available too!

Pink Puff Sleeve Maxi Dress (with Belt)

Like I shared before about pink.  Loving this print and style.  You can wear it with or without the belt that comes separately.

Stanley 40oz Tumbler

Loving this pretty blue color.

Blue Hearts Pajamas

Shared that my favorite pajamas designer came out with new hearts for Valentines.  The light blue and light pink are my faves.  For fit, go up a size.

Lip Gloss

Recently discovered this lip gloss and it’s so nourishing.  Plus I love the subtle light pink sheen.  Not sticky at all.

Happy Tuesday!