Our Chapel Hill Weekend

We had the BEST time this weekend in Chapel Hill!  It’s always fun going back to our alma mater and showing the kids around.

My sister was in town with her husband to go to the game too.  Also her alma mater.

The game was great and they won!

Uniquities was one of my favorite places to shop in college.

We loved this arcade in town.  They let the kids stay until 6.

We had dinner at Time Out.  Definitely the earliest I’ve ever eaten here.

Dessert at The Yogurt Pump.

And the blue cups at He’s Not.

We headed up to Top of the Hill to let the kids see the town from above.

Such an awesome weekend!

This was our first trip to Buc-ee’s.  Kids loved it.

Picked up some souvenirs.

24 years ago!  Chapel Hill in 1998.  Lanier and I started dating this year.  He was in college and I was in high school.  We’ve known each other since elementary school and grew up going to the same church.

The best weekend!