Looks for the Littles + For the Love of Family

In all honesty, these are the easiest posts for me.  My children are just so easy-going, I can usually knock them out within a few shots.  Just telling them to hug, smile, to LOVE comes so naturally to them that it’s a few pics of this and they’re finished.  I know I’m bragging a little, but I feel like sometimes they don’t get the credit they fully deserve.  They truly are the sweetest kids.  Still not sure how Lanier and I got so lucky.

Off on a tangent ha, and this post is supposed to be a collaboration with Nordstrom on my latest children’s favorites.  These dresses are definitely THE cutest!  So transitional too.  I always keep their Little Lilly Shifts in rotation even when the weather cools, as long as they toss on some leggings and a cardigan over it. // Sandals

Back to their love.  When I started to dig further, I remembered a post I wrote awhile back and actually found it!  It was titled The Love of Family.

And you know what?  Even four years, and not one but TWO moves later, the post I wrote still absolutely rings truer than it ever has.  Makes me tear up knowing that.  You can read the full post here.  Or keep reading and I’ll share an excerpt from it.

I always love the details of Lilly’s dresses so much.  She knows how to add that little bit extra to make a dress super special.

These dresses were the ones the girls were supposed to wear to the Bridesmaids Luncheon last Friday, but they didn’t arrive in time.  It was fine though.  So glad we had a back-up that worked out perfectly!

In case you missed it, National Daughter’s Day was on Tuesday.

I posted this quote on an Instagram post and it’s so relatable right now…

“If you ever feel like giving up, just remember there is a little girl watching who wants to be just like you…don’t disappoint her.” ~ Author Unknown  It can be easy to forget sometimes, when you get caught up in life and how busy it can be at times.  But whatever stress you’re under and they’re around, they’re watching how you handle it.  They’re there.

These dresses are so cute, colorful and fun!  They’re also a little on the heavier side, perfect for when the cooler temps arrive!

My sweet, sweet girls.  I hope they never grow tired of matching…or being so close.  At age 10 and almost 9, these long nightgowns take me back to when they were so little.  Their little munchkin voices playing house, running in the yard, playing with their little brothers…

Bring in the boys!  After having two sweet girls, when my boys were little they were always so calm and sweet.  I’m sure it’s part of them just growing up, but their love of life it’s enviable.  I mean, they get excited at the simplest of things.  And I love it!

They make me laugh everyday.  And I’ve taught the girls to laugh too.  When some days the boys may be the typical annoying brother, I’ve taught my girls just to laugh it off.  I try and help them understand that sometimes the boys do it because they just want attention from their older sisters because they’re used to them getting that attention from them all the time.  And most of the time it works.  I’ve even gotten Wheeler to start a notebook of all of Vaughn’s ‘Vaughisms,’ as we refer to them.  One off the top of my head, ‘Lemon Ems’ for M&Ms.

Nothing better than a boy in a simple polo with khaki shorts (similar ones here and here).  Shop my fave polos for my boys here and here.  And these shoes they’re wearing.  They live in these all summer long!  Check out another color scheme here.  Many of you have asked if I dress my own children.  On some days when I want them to be matching, like for these pics, I do.  But most others, they dress themselves.  Even on days when it looks like they all coordinate with the same color scheme, I guess I just don’t have an extreme color palette of colors in their drawers, so they all kind of always go together.  For the boys’ room, they each have separate dressers.  I organize shirts in one drawer and shorts in another.  They usually just randomly grab one from each.  And on how they don’t fight me to wear something else, like a superhero shirt?  I just don’t buy them and they’ve never cared.

My boys.  Thirteen months apart and thick as thieves.  Some nights Logan will spend the night out and Vaughn misses him immensely.  It’s good to be missed sometimes.  P. S. Logan is obsessed with these race car pjs!  For sizing, go up a size.  They run a little small.  Here are Vaughn’s plane ones.  Love that Nordstrom has so many pajama options for the kids.  To check out more of their selection, head over here.

Talk about a throwback.  Taken four years ago, so that means Effie was 5 and Vaughn was almost 2.  From an old post I wrote, “Vaughn may look like he isn’t enjoying this book, but he is.  His latest thing is to bring books to Wheeler and Effie and say “read book, read book, read book” until they let him crawl up into their laps and listen to the story. They’re good sports about it, and this time Effie was more than happy to oblige.”

Photo taken and words written in June 2014When I tell you that my children are close in age, I’m sure most of you can figure that out by the photos.  But one thing the camera doesn’t always convey is how close my children are as a unit.  I’m probably jinxing myself for writing this, but they really get along very well.  I’m sure a lot of it has to do with the girls being so close in age, and then the boys being close in age.  But the thing is, they don’t just pair off with just the girls, or just the boys.  Sometimes, yes, but Effie is just as good at playing cars with Logan, as she is with playing Barbies with Wheeler.  And Wheeler will read books to Vaughn, just as much as she and Effie play “house”.  I feel very very blessed.  My only hope and prayer is that they stay this close as they grow older.  Now I’m not going on to say they don’t argue and have their moments, but for the most part the love they have for each other is such a prayer answered, and I thank God everyday that he blessed us with these four precious children.

Just a little preview of more wedding photos to come!  Logan and Vaughn walking my sister and her husbands’ dogs down the aisle!  Can’t wait to share more with you tomorrow!

Happy Thursday, Y’all!

Shop all of their featured looks below.  If you’re having trouble scrolling, try refreshing the page and that should do the trick.

Thanks to Nordstrom for their partnership on this post.