Wednesday Whereabouts: The Love of Family

When I tell you that my children are close in age, I’m sure most of you can figure that out by the photos.  But one thing the camera doesn’t always convey is how close my children are as a unit.  I’m probably jinxing myself for writing this, but they really get along very well.  I’m sure a lot of it has to do with the girls being so close in age, and then the boys being close in age.  But the thing is, they don’t just pair off with just the girls, or just the boys.  Sometimes, yes, but Effie is just as good at playing cars with Logan, as she is with playing Barbies with Wheeler.  And Wheeler will read books to Vaughn, just as much as she and Effie play “house”.  I feel very very blessed.  My only hope and prayer is that they stay this close as they grow older.
Now I’m not going on to say they don’t argue and have their moments, but for the most part the love they have for each other is such a prayer answered, and I thank God everyday that he blessed me with  these four precious children.
Logan with his great-grandfather, Ray-Ray.
While I do try and get them altogether for a photo op sometimes, I don’t force them to do these candids.  It’s just when I see them all together playing in one place, and my phone is nearby, I HAVE to capture the moment.
Vaughn may look like he isn’t enjoying this book, but he is.  His latest thing is to bring books to Wheeler and Effie and say “read book, read book, read book” until they let him crawl up into their laps and listen to the story. They’re good sports about it, and this time Effie was more than happy to oblige.
 My Hayden-Reis Tote is still working well as my pool bag this summer.  Summers in the past, I’ve always used an XL LL Bean Canvas Tote.  Don’t get me wrong, the LLBean Totes are still great totes, but this Hayden-Reis one wipes away dirt and has tons of inside pockets and a zip pocket.  I can also fit at least four beach towels in there with room to spare.
Here’s an interior view…
It’s hard to see but it also has a key clip attached and each HR tag is attached with a black hairband that you can use after tearing off the tag.
Last night, my mother-in-law and I went out to dinner and to a musical.  Vaughn is having some serious separation anxiety lately so he wasn’t happy about me leaving.
 Balsamic Sesame Salmon
Top (Was $178, Now $71) // Shorts // Necklace (c/o) // Bracelet (c/o) // Sandals // Watch
I was looking through photos the other day and came across this one.  We were celebrating Logan’s first birthday, which means I was eight months pregnant.  Can’t believe how time flies!  My tummy may appear small here, but the girls were both 9 pounds and the boys were 8lbs, 7oz and 8lbs, 9oz.
After coming home last night after the musical, my Tory Burch package was waiting on me.  Wanted to show y’all what the Calita looked like on.  For fit, I’m a 4/6 and got a Small.  I knew I’d love it, and cannot wait to wear it soon!  It’s currently still on sale and available in all sizes.
Hope y’all have a wonderful Wednesday!

22 thoughts on “Wednesday Whereabouts: The Love of Family

  1. Would you mind sharing if there is any material at the hem of the Calita that can be let out? I am 5'8" and LOVE this dress but thinking it will be too short for me 🙁

    1. No hem but if I were taller, I'd definitely just pair it with some white shorts. ? I'd try and see, especially if you love it so much. Or you could always get it hemmed higher and made into a top, and then pair it with white shorts.

  2. Can I say how much I love your sweet doggie in the last picture!? My pup does the same thing with cushions!

  3. I love seeing pictures of your kids playing! They're adorable! I also love the Calita – It looks great on you!


    1. Growing up, I remember my friends that were only children used to love to come over to our house and just want to sit in our kitchen while the craziness surrounded them. Haha. They always said it was like watching a sitcom. I can only hope my house is like that as my kids grow older. 🙂

    1. Thanks! I have so many people emailing, commenting and requesting it on Instagram too. I honestly just learned a few months ago from the girl who colors my hair. Let's just say it's in the works. I'm just trying to get my husband on board to be the photographer or possibly videographer. We'll see!

  4. I honestly think your children getting along so well has more to do with parenting than age. The environment you create fosters their love of being together (I'm sure it has something to do with their sweet personalities too). I truly hope my children always appreciate each other like you and your sisters do. It is really sweet to see you all getting together often and enjoying each other's company so much. It gives me hope!

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