Life Lately + What I’m Loving

Okay y’all, bear with me as I haven’t posted much in the past week or so and I’ve got a lot of randoms to share.  My website was down for about a week and I just got it back up and running a few days ago.  Imagine clicking onto your ‘baby’ you’ve had since 2010 and it not showing up.  I’ll have to admit, I was freaking out a little bit.  So many memories I’ve shared all in one place.  I would be truly devastated if I ever lost my blog.  But enough about that.  It’s back!

For starters, lets’s talk about the holidays!  Don’t worry, I won’t be skipping Halloween or Thanksgiving, but I had to go ahead and show you the newest Holiday Collection from Lake Pajamas.  They just released it this week!  It’s a limited edition release, so if you love any of it, order it soon before it sells out.  And bonus, you’ll have it all ready for when December arrives!  As far as fit, it’s true to size IF you don’t wash and dry it.  If you plan on doing that like I do, then go up a size.  I always order mediums.  I’m wearing this long-long set above.

I’ve included a close-up of the festive print.  They also have a pretty Nutcracker print, as well.  These come in so many sizes and style.  Scroll below to shop more of them…

This flannel nightgown is super cozy and a great oversize fit.  I’m wearing a medium.  This is part of Lake’s Wintry Blues Collection.  A great idea for those of you who want something to wear throughout all the winter months.  Scroll below to shop more of the Wintry Blues Collection

It’s taken me four years, but I finally have stools for our counter.  It’s a snug fit, but I love them and so do the kids.  Ordered them here.

Growing up.

It was finally cool enough the other night for a backyard fire and s’mores!

There’s nothing like a good boat day!  Whether it’s the weather or our schedule, we didn’t get out on the water half as much as in previous summers, but we still love it just as much!

Such a good day!

My World.

Wore this super cute swimsuit.  It’s a collab with Summersalt x DVF.  Use code: ASHLEYBJS10 to take 10% off your order.  Summersalt has the BEST swimsuits and they also carry great apparel too!  Check it all out here.  // Sunnies

How cute is this sweater?  Love the fit, colorway and how comfy it is!  A great price too at only $23!

Love when she wears my clothes even better than I do! // Dress

These Halloween cookies were absolutely delicious!

We used these cookie cutters and this cookie dough with this white icing and this orange icing.  I’ve never been so impressed with this icing!  It hardened to the perfect texture!  Oh and I got the little candy eyeballs here.  The eyes definitely added some character to all of their cookies.

Will always be my baby.  Can’t believe he’ll be 10 this month!

Wheeler came downstairs the other night and said she wanted to paint her Converse tennis shoes since they were pretty worn out.  I had no idea that this would be her finished products.  I’m still in awe!  She used green painters tape to cover all the silver and white and acrylic paint to get her desired sunset look.

So good, right??

Another day of Effie styling my clothes better than I could.  This tee is from last year but is still available.  Her shoes are Steve Madden from a few years ago.  We got them at a boutique here in town.

How cool is this little Advent Calendar from Mignonne Gavigan?  If you’re a big fan like me, this is just so fun for the holidays!  So many beautiful pieces you can wear year-round!  Valued at nearly $900, you can order this one for $385!

Twine & Twig is celebrating their 9th Year Anniversary!  I can still remember when my friend Jacquelyn that lived down the street in Charlotte asked if she could borrow some clothes and accessories for a layout to show off their new necklace line.  Look how far they’ve come!  And they clearly don’t need any help with their fashion sense.  Way cooler than me!  Sharing one of my all-time fave party necklaces above.

Captured this photo the other day in our neighborhood.  Still so grateful to live in such an amazing place!

Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!  My apologies for the lack of blogs posts lately, but like I said before, I’ll be back to regular posts next week!

TGIF, Y’all!