The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Starts Today + A Lilly Giveaway!

The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale starts today!  At 8am SHARP!  Who all is sitting by their computer with their wish lists in hand?  Be sure and head back here throughout the day.  I’ll be providing images of my favorites from the sale, and info on sizing if possible.  Below I’ve provided some looks I’ve loved, and now they’re on sale!
My White Scallop Shorts are part of the sale.  I wear a 6 in them. Great length and fit, and right now, a great price too! Paired with this necklace and these sandals.
My Iona Top is available during the sale.  For sizing, I’m a 4/6 and have it in a Small.  Paired with these sandals.
My Deanna Romper is available. It runs small, so order a size up.
The Elsas are naturally going very quickly. I LOVE this one, but really, you can’t go wrong with any of the Elsas, especially when they’re on sale. I wear a Small in them.
I’m wearing the Lilly Pulitzer Vivi Top. Very similar style here.
The Liza Shorts are a great fit. They don’t have pockets, so no bulging on the sides. They’re true to size. I’m a 4/6 and have them in a 6.
More photos of my Liza shorts.

Lots of Little Lilly Shifts are available during the sale!
The girls still love their Little Lilly Shifts in this print. Now available during the sale!
 I’m hoping to snag a few Little Lilly Swim Suits for the girls for next summer.  Love this one!
Head here to check out the entire Girls’ Sale Section.
So far, for the girls, I’ve picked up these cover-ups and this dress and this dress for next summer.
And I know I’m crazy to be thinking about the holidays next year, but I got these dresses for the girls for next Memorial Day and the 4th.
When shopping, don’t forget about the Accessories Section!
Only $9
Great gift idea!
Was $138, Now $34
Shop the entire Accessories Section here.
Can’t wait to share my favorites and what all I’ve picked up from the sale for me, including these pants.
My Favorite Tops & Bottoms
I guess I’m really feeling the blues lately.  Love all of these!
**Click on images below to shop, or click on links below.**

Can’t wait to wear this Tunic next summer with some fun jean cut-offs or white shorts!

This pic sold me on this Elsa!  Love it paired with white shorts or jeans.
Can’t wrong with a classic pink and green combo.
Love the pattern on these.
I have the White Buttercup Shorts and LOVE them.  The perfect 5″ inseam length, and thick enough and not see-through.  Don’t let the model scare you.  They’re not that short.  See my photo above to get a better idea.
…but I think these pink ones are so pretty too.
My Favorite Dresses from the Sale
As of 2:00pm, all of these dresses are currently still available.
**Click on images to shop, or click on links below.**

Check out all the Dresses on sale here.
Comment below and let me know what all you picked up during the sale, or what’s on your wish list!
All comments will be entered in a giveaway.  One lucky SSP reader will win two Lilly Beach Towels and some other little surprises!
Happy Shopping and Good Luck!

P. S. Thanks to SSP reader Sfehr for alerting me that Zappos is running a sale on lots of Lilly too!  Even new Fall Lilly is marked down.  Including the new Elsa featured above, marked down to $110.  If you’ve had your eye on something recent, or missed something during today’s sale that may have sold out too quickly, be sure and check out their sale here.

151 thoughts on “The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Starts Today + A Lilly Giveaway!

  1. The only wearable Lilly I have is a scarf, so I'm hoping to scoop up a shirt or two or maybe some shorts!


  2. I am really
    Hoping to get a couple Elsa tops and a romper and of course little girls stuff for my 2 and 5 year old girls. Love love love the lily sale, let it be 8:00 already!!!

    1. I picked up two Elsa's (Chin Chin and Booze Cruise), the Moxy Top, the Houston Top, the Kingsley Crew and a Murfee in Pop! Great sale and great service from Lilly!

  3. I grabbed a couple Murfee scarves since they are perfect to add color to any outfit especially in the fall and winter. I grabbed the one in Lulu and one in Jellies be Jammin'. I hope you were able to find a lot of great items!

  4. So excited!!! I just shopped my first online Lilly sale! Some shift dresses, Holden Pants, and Mini Skippers for my three daughters. I grabbed the Matyson Dress, Daniella Tee, and some Callahan shorts for myself! Pretty successful start to a Monday in my area of NC!

  5. I got a pair of beach pants, palazzo pants, haven sweater dress, popover, maxi dress, elsa top… I went a little cray but at those prices, I thought it was a great sale! Happy Lilly shopping. Great giveaway! 🙂

  6. I absolutely loved the sale! Thanks for posting the about how to survive the sale – it definitely helped. I created an account before hand which helped SO much! I was able to pick up 2 Else tops, the famous Iona shell and a pair of the buttercup hemmed shorts! I enjoy reading your blog – Enjoy your week!

  7. After seeing this I want to shop more!! Thanks for the tips – I picked up a dress, the K sweater, a tank, bangles and a little Lilly swim suit (the Little Lilly shifts went waaaay too fast in infant sizes).

  8. I got a few tops, scarves, totes to give as gifts over the holidays, plus a swim suit, dress and tunic for my little Lilly lover! Such a great, great, great sale.

  9. As much as I was hoping for an Elsa, or your first top, I ended up with the K sweater, sunshine charm bracelet Limeade tote & wallet, two In A Knot necklaces (one for me, one for my mama!), spring fling necklace, square one medallion necklace and the candle set.
    My almost 10 year old is a 14/16 and those little lillies didn't last, nor did a lot of smalls… bummer!
    I placed my orders FAST as to make sure I'm getting my items, but stuff disappears quick.
    Thanks for sharing all your shopping tricks & tips!

  10. Got the three items I wanted- bronte dress, captiva tunic and beach pants! May go back and look for more later! Cant wait to see what you got!

  11. I got the "L" Maribelle sweater and a Tabbie tank top so far. Really disappointed to miss out on the Tabbie in Watch Out and I really, REALLY wanted something in Sparks Fly, but those were sold out too. I'll look back again in a few hours and maybe start some Christmas shopping.

  12. Love your blog! Just found it by searching for Lilly sale tips and will definitely be coming back to read more posts. My sister and I got January Skorts in the It's a Zoo pattern and also got iPhone cases for great prices. The "M" sweater that I had liked was sold out unfortunately.

  13. Thanks again for your tips!! They were very helpful~ looking for Elsas but found a cute shift and sweater that is even better! And of course a mini for my lil' one 🙂 So happy the website didn't crash also!!

  14. Thanks so much for the heads up on the sale. I got the ridiculously low prices fireworks shift for my daughter that I have seen your girls wear. It is so cute for the 4 th next summer or anytime. So thanks a million for the link and all the reviews!! Easy peasy with ordering today too!

  15. I just spent way too much time on the site, and I'll probably be back for more! I snagged two shifts which I'm very excited about!

    By the way, thank you for the tip on ordering as you go instead of waiting until the end to check out- great advice!

  16. I snagged the Maria Boatneck sweater, Trudy Shift Dress, Colleen Pull on Romer, and the Elsa top in Bright navy! I love everything I got! and I keep going back to the site finding other things I like!

  17. Got a few Elsa tops..which I love and discovered through your recommendations on your blog! Also got the shift dress your girls have for my Minnie!

  18. I got an embroidered popover, which I've been eyeing for a long time! I think it will be cute with white shorts, or casually with leggings when I walk our puppy in the morning.

  19. I picked up the Captiva Tunic Cover-Up in Multi Elephant Ears. I did have the Daniella T-Shirt Dress in Sea Soiree but it got gone. Maybe they will update their stock and I can pick up some more goodies. Hoping to wear my Tunic with some white skinny jeans 🙂

  20. Lavender skirt and buttercup shorts in PB Pink a Delicacy, janice dress in She She Shells and some Shay tops! Employed the boyfriend as well with a list complete with photos haha

  21. Great tips! Was able to get a few Murfee scarfs by checking out right away and then went back for an Elsa top and Skipper popover!

  22. so far ive picked up the mccallum dress in sparks fly, gianna dress in go go green dots, richelle dress in shes a fox, manilla tank in ariel blue dots, and spring fling necklace!! still not done shopping though 🙂

  23. I got the Watch Out Delia shift dress and a Jellies Be Jammin' racer back dress! A new phone case, Lobstah Roll headphones, and the Pop party tote! Thank you for your advice to make an account beforehand- made life so much easier!

  24. Hi, do you know how the sizing works for little girls? I tried to look at the sizing charts, but it only shows women's. If the sizes for little girls are XS, S… Do you know what size a 5 year old would be? Thanks!

  25. I bought a murfee scarf. I was trying to decide between two Elsa tops and they sold before I decided.. UGH! I will keep checking back for more! 🙂

  26. A shift for my neice, who turns two in October. I've bought her a Lilly dress every Christmas and Birthday so far!

    I also got a tank and a tunic for myself, and the candle set- haven't decided if it'll be for me or a gift for a friend!

  27. FInished round one and going back for round two. Can anyone help me with the solid popover fit? I'm a small in all other Lilly tops. Thanks!

  28. I scored two Murfee scarves, a Captiva tunic, an Anastasia dress, and a Daylin dress! also got a Pop party tote! decided to treat myself today 🙂 but some are definitely Christmas gifts for the family!

  29. LOVE this sale – I didn't have any website issues!! I picked up a few dresses (delia and some cotton picks, the best!) and a castaway scarf!

  30. I managed to score 5 items, all from my wish list, except I missed out on an Elsa! Great Lilly sale this year, no site crashes or glitches! Wish I had grabbed an Iona – looks fab on you!

  31. OMG Ashley! What didn't I get??? I got quite a few things Elsa tops, a couple of Liza shorts, a romper, Pearl dress…. Mind you this was all during the mad dash of the first day of school… on my iphone in the car line, walking to and from class, etc. etc.

  32. Thanks for the tips! I was on my tablet right at 8 and I got a scarf for me and a little lilly shift for my little girl for next summer!

  33. Hi Ashley~ Quick question…. you mentioned the Lilly sale re-stocking…. Do you mean with new/ other items or replacing ones that sold out? Is it a 24 hr sale for 3 days…. or do things 're-start' in the am? Thanks for taking the time to help us all out! Clearly, Lilly is still on my mind 😉 Still shopping!

    1. Hi Jennifer! Sometimes they may restock the site with new items. And sometimes they restock items that were previously sold out. They re-evaluate inventory each night, so be sure and check back on the site first thing in the morning. The sale lasts three days, no re-start. Hope that helps!

    2. Yes, thanks for clarifying! The sale sure made the start of school again & a Monday much more enjoyable 🙂 Hope your family enjoys a smooth transition to a new year!

  34. I ordered so much stuff! I couldn't resist… but my favorite thing I ordered was the Iona Shell top in your top photo, it looks so perfect on you I just had to get it! Read your blog every day:)

  35. I purchased a few shift dresses for my little one, a clutch for myself, and the candles as a gift. I'm pleased!

  36. Grabbed the navy/white Elsa and am debating a little shift for my niece, Ruby. Love all the Elsa style options you posted. It's tempting me to pick up a Heidi cardigan!

    1. Yes! I am leaning towards the wheat….not too crazy about how the pattern shows through the sheerness. I am in between a small and medium and am unsure which to get!

  37. I got an Iona shell and a stinger print green dress for my middle son 's first communion next spring. Wanted some shorts but got caught up in a big meeting about 9:30 and those I wanted were gone.

  38. Your blog was a great find before the sale! I got a little carried away. Bought 4 Elsa's, 1 Sarasota tunic, 1 Murfee, a Boca Grande dress, and a iPhone & ipad case. However, 2 Elsa's were for my Mom, and I plan to give a few of the other items as gifts. This was my first Lilly sale, and it went great!

  39. I did great today! I picked up the Janice Shift in She She Shells, the Daylin Dress in Bright Navy Bubbly, and the Carleigh Tunic in Multi Lulu. Can't wait for my goodies to arrive!

  40. I picked up the Charlene dress shift Dress Limeade Roar Of The Jungle, in both a small & medium Noelle Tunic in Iris Blue Loopy, Murfee Scarf in Spa Blue Lets Cha Cha. I will have one of the two Charlene shift dresses available for sale if they both ship. I've been wanting this dress for awhile and wasn't sure of my size so I ordered them both:) somebody will want it right? Thanks for all your help and a great giveaway!

  41. I picked up two sweaters – one for myself and one for my teen daughter who just discovered Lily on our trip to Charleston. She will love it! I may go back and pick up a gold tote and those scalloped shorts!! Thanks! Susan

  42. I ordered the Delia shift dress in Resort white, the Deanna spaghetti maxi dress, the Middleton Pallazzo pants, and the Maria boatneck sweater. So excited for them to arrive!

  43. I snagged up the Daniella t-shirt dress, the Cordon racerback tank dress, and a Tabbie printed tank. My very first Lilly items and now I'm hooked!

  44. I've been eyeing the buttercup shorts all summer and finally got a pair during the first day of the sale! It was my first Lilly purchase so I'm excited. But then later in the day I got bored and bought an iPad cover and an agenda for school. Then today I checked the site for those second day deals you talked about and got three of those Murfee scarves because I'm a sucker for mystery items and $25 each is a complete steal!

  45. I didn't pick up anything personally at the sale but the day before I was in a signature store and splurged on some of the fall collection – I got a maxi skirt, 3 tops, and a summer dress! Love the lilly sales though and thanks for the zappos tip!

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