Tuesday Trends: Running + Lilly + A Birthday

Man, it’s so hard to get back into running, especially when I compare myself to where I was last Summer.  It is true, the more you run, the better (and faster) you get.  Just the sweat in this heat alone makes me know that calories are being burned.  If you want more details on my goal, click here to check out this past Sunday’s post. Nice work to all of you who got active yesterday!  Keep it up! Stay tuned next Monday for my weekly running re-cap. // Running Shoes (color sold out, but lots of colors still available), Running Shorts (color combo sold out, similar here)

 So last week, Logan tripped over a basketball and face-planted on my parents’ driveway.  I realize it looks really bad here, but this was right after it happened and it was still pretty swollen.  He was a trooper and barely cried.  Thankfully, his actual eye wasn’t effected.

 This was taken yesterday and it seems to be healing just fine.

I know this is where a lot of you were sitting yesterday morning, before the Lilly Sale started.  Aside from a few hiccups in the first five minutes, this sale has been running very smoothly.  Based on everyone’s comments yesterday, y’all have been very pleased with this year’s sale from the selections to the prices.  I am too!  I know I’ll still go back for more.  I’ve still got this dress, this dress and this top (Cabana Pink Sunnyside) in my cart.  There are still two more days of the sale.  It ends on Wednesday at midnight.

I know many of y’all saw on Saturday night that I wore these Lilly Pulitzer Set In Stone Wedges, from a few years back.  Paired with my Michael Kors Watch and Gigi All-in-One Bag in Magenta

These Beach Club Sandals, available during the sale, really remind me of the same stones in my wedges.  Love the crystals around each stone.  And I know they’d go well with so much of my Lilly!
In case you missed my post yesterday, I included all of my Lilly Sale favorites and my latest looks with Lilly pieces on sale now.  Click here to check it out.

 Every year before school starts the girls and I make a trip to Chuck E. Cheese.  Well, today’s the day, and they’re so excited!  If it were up to them, they’d go everyday!  This pic was from last Summer.  I would love for the boys to join us, but let’s just say Logan isn’t a fan.  The last time we went, he wouldn’t ride any of the rides, not even in the kiddie section and was terrified of “that mouse!”  Needless to say, he hasn’t shown any interest in wanting to go back anytime soon.

 On his 33rd Birthday at his Parents’ House

On his 34th, at the beach last year.

Lanier turns 35 today!  Sadly, he has a big test tomorrow, so he’ll be studying most of the day.  Not the best way to celebrate your birthday I know.  He takes the test tomorrow afternoon.  Here’s hoping we’ll have even more to celebrate tomorrow night – passing his big test and his birthday!  Crazy to think we’ve been celebrating his birthday together for the past 16 years!

Happy Tuesday!

7 thoughts on “Tuesday Trends: Running + Lilly + A Birthday

  1. Love your blog–check it out daily for tips 🙂 was wondering if you've had a lily dress tailored? I ordered on a size 4 where normally I'm a 2/4 and think it might be a little big. Thanks again for having such a great blog

  2. That poor sweet face! It does look a lot better. I'm sure that's the first of many "sports" injuries! I can't believe my five boys have made it this far with no broken bones. I'm over running in the heat – so ready for some crisp mornings. You are speedy. You'll be back to that pace in no time.

  3. Poor cute little boy, at least he has healed up quick! School starts for my girls tomorrow and kindergarten next week. I will have one left at home and will miss the others like crazy!

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