Wednesday Whereabouts: More Beach Pics + Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Date Confirmed!


With my four!  My inlaws had been to Hilton Head with friends the week before, and got each of the kids these t-shirts.  I’m wearing this Lilly Pulitzer Ellie Tunic Dress (currently unavailable at Lilly (Hint, hint! It’ll probably be available during the sale!), also available here.
I keep thinking how all these beach pics would’ve been even more amazing if I’d brought white dresses for the girls and white polos and khaki shorts for the boys.  Making a mental note not to forget that next beach trip!

One of the best nights was when we took the kids to Kids’ Karaoke.  Wheeler and Effie were awesome!  Wheeler picked “Shake It Off” and Effie picked Omi’s “Cheerleader,” but they ended up singing both of their songs together, while the rest of the crew danced.  They had an audience of about fifty people.  So proud of them!  We had no idea the boys wanted to sing too.  After the girls finished, Logan REALLY wanted to sing “Life is a Highway,” but the queue for him to get his chance to sing was an hour’s wait time and it was already 8:30 (already past their bedtime).  Needless to say, they’re excited for another karaoke night soon!

 Off to the beach!

 Their legs were bridges over the canal, awaiting the tide to come in to bring water to their moat around the castle.

 Salty kisses!  Wearing this Tory Burch Bikini Top.

Requesting a photo of her next to her castle (complete with an indoor pool).

Making sand cookies for her cookie shop.  She even insisted I make a how-to video on how she creates them.

Logan with one of his cousins (that loved to give major hugs to all the kids).

For those wondering how they all slept, there was a room with two beds, and they all crashed there.  This was during nap time one day.  They didn’t nap everyday, but on this particular day they all passed out hard.

As I mentioned last week, we headed out for a date night one night with my sister-in-law and brother-in-law. // Wearing this dress and these necklaces in pink and mint and these wedges (true to size and on sale).

 At trivia, we tied for first!

 It couldn’t have been better timing, we got to watch Michael Phelps win yet again, right after trivia was over.

Love relaxing afterward at this spot.

These caverns were part of one of the pools at Fripp Island.  Wheeler loved posing.  She got the boys in on it too.  She’s wearing this bikini and Logan’s wearing this octopus one.

 My blondies.  Last night at Fripp.

Always love being with these four.  Melts my heart that they’re so close!

 When we got back in town, the kids insisted on going fishing.  Never a dull moment.

Unfortunately, this time we had no luck.  Next time, there’s always next time.

Yesterday’s OOTD
(with Boozer the Boston)

 Heart Sleeveless Dress (super comfy and flowy and on sale!  Over $100 off!) // Silver Miller Sandals (true to size, now 30% off!)

So on day one of school, I walked the girls in to their classrooms and met their teachers.  By day two, this was me in the car at carpool.  No shoes, pajama pants, this poncho (on sale!) and a double espresso can.  Dropped them off at 7am.  Still so crazy I can drop them off that early, but they love being one of the first ones in their class.

My Kate Spade Main Squeeze Slides are now on sale!  I’m an 8.5 and wear a 9 in these.

After Monday’s post, I received a few confirmation emails from some SSP readers letting me know that my prediction of when the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale will start is indeed correct!  Mums the word over at the Lilly Pulitzer Headquarters for now, but I’m sure details will be coming over the weekend via their social media accounts.  Can’t believe how hush hush they’re being about the sale this time.  But I’m not complaining.  They’re the BEST to offer such awesome sales like this one!  Just a reminder to check back here tomorrow for everything you need to know, to prepare yourself for the sale.  Long time readers know I’ve always provided you with this info, and have always said it’s been so helpful.  Very glad that I can help!

As I mentioned on Monday’s post, lots of pieces have been pulled from their site, which can only mean one thing, the sale is coming…and soon!

One thing’s for certain, if you’re a Lilly Lover, be at your computer on Monday, August 22nd at 8am SHARP!

Hope y’all have an awesome Thursday!

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  1. So glad y'all had a great trip! I'm obsessed with that poncho, too. Boy that is one early start time for the girls school! I teach elementary school and our tardy bell is almost an hour and a half later! And thanks again for the Lilly sale details. I am going to be ready to go–I need that Essie dress!

  2. Thank you soooo much for this little hint about the sale! Its like christmas morning im so excited! I love your blog and the bond your kids have is so adorable!
    xoxo Kelsey

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