Outfit Inspiration: Pink & Grey + Last Day of the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

If you read yesterday’s post, you’d probably guess that Lilly is what I love during the summer months.  It’s too funny that a huge cold front is about to come through on the east coast, and here we are all stocking up on our Lilly during the sale, preparing for summer!  I kind of need that illusion right now.  Still adore this pic of the girls from two summers ago.  Twinning in their matching Lilly and toothless grins.

If you shopped the After Party Sale in the morning, you’ll know that the virtual line and site obviously didn’t go as swimmingly as it has in the past.  The crazier thing is within ten minutes I could get in and not have to wait in a line, but another, I was 95,000 back.  I guess it’s because there were so many hot items and everyone was feverishly shopping.  Good for y’all!  I’m so glad so many of you were able to score the Amberly Dress.  My favorite style this past season.  The navy has almost sold out, but the printed version is still available.  I’m thinking the popularity of the sale was also because this year there will be no big warehouse sale in June, as they’ve always had.  So lots of Lilly Lovers know this is their chance to shop at a discount.

What did y’all think of them adding new sale items throughout the day?  It’s another thing new they added to this sale.  Here’s hoping they add more today!  I’ve absolutely loved reading every one of your comments.  Thanks so much for all the kind words and compliments on my tips.  Glad I could help!

I sat down this morning and shopped what was left.

Most items only have XXS and XS still available.  But I did find this Elsa Top still available in XXS, XS, S and M.

And this Elsa is currently available in all sizes!

Agendas are still only $9 and ship for free!

Sharing more favorites below…

Don’t forget that Amazon has some Lilly sale items left, like this Ali Dress and Monterety Dress are still available  and Zappos has a ton of Lilly items on sale, so be sure and check there too!

All the fun ends at 1pm this afternoon and not midnight, as it’s been in the past, so shop the Lilly After Party Sale soon to get your last orders in!  And if you haven’t entered my giveaway yet, head back to yesterday’s post to enter.  Giveaway ends at midnight!

UPDATE: Lilly just added lots of new items to their sale!  Head here to check them out!

Lilly just added this Colie T-Shirt.  Only $24!  Got this one right before our Key West trip last April.  Wanted it to fit a little big so I sized up one size.

Loving this Quinn Halter Dress.  Currently available in all sizes!

I know I’ve got some readers that may not be as into Lilly as others, and didn’t want to leave y’all out. So today I wanted to share an outfit idea that I’d love to have right about now.  All of these pieces are so versatile, that you can pair them with other pieces in your wardrobe too.

I love the Tippi style sweater.  Not too short and not too long.  I like this style sweater to be a tad bit larger so I wear a medium in it.  I feel like the small is too short on me.  Consider pairing it with any vest too.  Would be so pretty.  This one comes in so many colors and is on sale too!

I can honestly say with all the jeans I have, I don’t own a pair of grey jeans.  But I do love the toothpick style that J.Crew carries.  I have a few of them and they fit so well.  The rise is just right, not too high and not too low.  The length is just right, as I’ve never had to alter mine.  I’m 5’6″.  I may need to order these.

My obsession with this style earring continues.  Can’t get enough.  I already own them in three colors, red ombré, light pink and stripes.  What’s one more right?  Out with the tassel and in with the baubles.

If you’ve been a long time reader, you’ll know that I’m addicted to sunglasses.  Just can’t help it.  I was thinking about it the other day that I haven’t shopped for sunglasses in awhile and came across these Ray-Bans, and they’re on sale too.  I’m also loving these clear matte sunglasses with blue lens (also available here) and this style (also available here).  Both splurges but like I said, when I find an awesome pair that fits so well I can’t help myself.

So I’ve always loved the Reva flat.  Like I still have way too many colors to count.  But I’ve never tried the Minnie style yet (shown above), because I’ve patiently been waiting for Tory to bring back the Reva in more colors.  She honestly hasn’t done that in over two years now, so I’m honestly tired of waiting.  Ha.  Have any of y’all tried the Minnie style, similar to the Reva?  What do you think?

Y’all know I have a basic make-up routine that I’ve had for years and years.  Well, I’m considering adding this luminizer to my daily routine.  In love with it!  You don’t have to add a lot to your face, but apply it where the sun hits, a little down the bridge of your nose, along the inner corners of your eyes and on the cupid’s bow above your lips, you’ll notice a glowing difference right away.  And don’t we all need that during the summer months?  For my full make-up routine, check it out here or on my sidebar.

As I mentioned, it’s going to be cold this weekend!  Unfortunately though, we won’t be getting any snow.  I know people up north dread it, but we rarely see it here so we excited even over a little dusting.  Even Charlotte is supposed to get some, and they’re only three hours away.  Sure wish we would.  The kids would just love it!  Stay warm and safe.  We have absolutely nothing planned, and I’m pretty excited about it.  First time in awhile.  Lots of snuggling and indoor activities while we stay warm and hibernate.  The lows are supposed to be in the low 20s.  Brrrrr.

TGIF, Y’all!

12 thoughts on “Outfit Inspiration: Pink & Grey + Last Day of the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

    1. That’s great to know! I have actually ended up selling all of the Revas I had because they felt so tight in the toe box no matter what size I bought and I actually have fairly narrow feet. How do the Minnies fit?

  1. Yes, I also like the Minnie! Just as comfy if not more than the Revas. I kind of think it’s supposed to be an updated version of the Reva.

  2. I love the Minnie so much more than the Reva! They have been so comfortable right out of the box!

  3. Elsa top , 2017 planner, ornament!
    And after seeing your post SO much more!!! Thanks for the awesome picks of Lilly items!

  4. Elsa top, 2017 planner, ornament and so much more now that I’ve seen your awesome selections here!!! Love Lilly! Thanks for sharing suck great outfits!

  5. Have you ever tried tieks? All I wore was Tory butch flats but they stopped making the one I liked, and I’m looking for a replacement. Would you go with matte black or taupe, if you’re going to be wearing them mostly with casual outfits, jeans and shirts.


  6. It was the Revas that got me hooked on the Tory Burch brand and once they are broken in they are super comfy. However I find the Minnie’s are comfy right out of the box. The Minnie’s also come in lots of fun colors. :))

  7. Hi,
    My Elsa (the exotic print) came in a package so TINY is must have had 20 deep wrinkles in it. Any recommendations on how to iron? Do I have to dry clean to get the wrinkles out? That would be such a bummer since I haven’t even worn it yet.

    1. Seriously! Can’t believe that! I’m so sorry. I get all of my wrinkles out with a steamer. Can’t remember the name of the exact one I have right now, but I’ll look it up and link it on tomorrow’s post. We honestly don’t even own an iron. We steam everything, even my husbands shirts. So much easier and it works so much better!

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