Lilly Pulitzer’s After Party Sale Starts Today!! Sizing/Fit Help + A Giveaway!

If you’ve been reading for the past few days, it’s absolutely no secret anymore that the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale starts at 8am!  If you hopped over to SSP before the sale starts this morning, feel free to check back here, here and here for last-minute tips before the sale starts.  You can also check out my Lilly favorites from this year below and enter my giveaway.  Also, you can sign up for TrueFit too (takes 6o seconds and no measurements are necessary).  Love this feature!  As you’re shopping the sale, look near the sizes available and it’ll show you what size will fit you best (there’s an example of what it looks like on yesterday’s post).  As the sale goes live, I’ll be updating my post throughout the day with my favorites from the sale!

Here are my favorites I’ve loved wearing this past year.   For those of you who shopped the Lilly’s big sale this past August, you’ll probably notice that many of these pics are the same from summer.  And many will still probably be part of this sale too.  So if you missed out on these pieces then, here’s your chance to get them this time.  Crossing my fingers for you that they’ll be included in the sale!

First and foremost, the Essie Dress. Get it. Hands down my favorite toss-on dress this year. I clearly am obsessed. This one runs a tad bit small. I didn’t want mine too fitted, so I went up to a medium on this dress.

Essie tops are just as awesome! I wear a medium in these tops!  Currently only $19!

Love this Blythe Swing Dress too.  Wore it so much this past summer.  For fit, it runs a little big, I’m wearing a small.

Talk about the perfect colorful flowy dress. Love the fabric of this Ellie Tunic Dress. It’s not see-through at all. It fits true to size. I’m wearing a small.

This Monterey Dress is super comfortable and versatile and it’s only $39 during the sale! I was able to wear it both as a cover-up and as a dress this summer. It runs big, but I still stuck with a small because I liked the length better.

I love this Rachelle Dress so much. I actually just wore it again this past Saturday night. I’m hoping to snag it in the navy during the sale. True to size. I’m wearing a small.  Currently only $69!  My friend’s dress is also on sale.  Only $59!

Another winning dress is this Ali Dress. It’s a very soft cotton, seriously feels like I’m wearing pajamas. Plan on wearing this one on into the Fall/Winter, since it has sleeves. Runs small, I’m wearing a medium.  Only $39!

Of Lilly’s shorts, the Walsh Short has been my favorite style lately. These run small, I went up a size on them.  Currently only $29!

Another go-to dress this year has been the Melle Dress. It’s only $34 during the sale! Runs true to size, but I still went up to a medium because I wanted a little more room.

Very similar to the Jupiter Cover-Up, this Captiva Tunic is part of the sale too. Also on sale here. Wearing a medium. Only $39!

This Jupiter Island Cover-up has clearly been a favorite again this summer! Hoping that it will be available during the sale in other prints. For fit, I’m a 6 and wear a Medium in it.

Elsa Tops have been a longtime favorite of mine. I love how they’re super easy to throw on with just about anything and they pull a look together. For fit, I wear a small in them. These silky, slightly billowy tops are always the first to go during the sale, so make sure and order your favorite prints quickly.

Little Lilly Shifts are clearly my favorite dresses for the girls! Obviously, I’ll be stocking up for the girls during the sale. I’ve said it before, but these make great gifts too! Little Lilly Shifts forever!

I sure wish they’d offer more girls’ swimsuits during the sale!  Love them!

A few other things to note, don’t forget to check the Accessories Section! Usually there are some fun novelty Lilly items, but most of them are low stock so they sell out pretty quickly.  Agendas are only $9!

UPDATE #1:  I hope you’ve been able to score some goodies during the sale!  I know many of you have been a little frustrated with how this sale technically has gone this year.  Lilly’s definitely testing our patience, right?  It’s definitely run smoother in the past few sales.  When they implemented the virtual line in August 2015, it was probably the smoothest it’s ever been and since then it’s worked swimmingly until this sale.  Not sure what’s up this time.  I was mid check-out and it shut down earlier this morning.  But I’m still determined to get through!  And I’m sure I’ll still be shopping it tonight and on through tomorrow too.  Just can’t get enough!

I don’t know how I could leave out my Amberly Dress, y’all!  I forgot to feature it as one of my favorites earlier.  I’ve seriously worn it maybe twenty times over these last few months.  It’s such an awesome base layer.  For fit, I wear a small.  It’s a great length and goes with everything, including leggings and heels.  Trust me, I’ve worn it every which way, Hunter boots, flip flops, under a vest, etc.  If you can get your hands on it, do it.  And it’s only $34!  Nordstrom has marked it down here, but it’s still listed at the sale price at $64.  It’s marked down, but clearly Lilly’s sale is better.

It’s also available in this pretty print too!

UPDATE #2:  If you missed your favorite piece during Lilly’s sale, be sure and check Amazon.  They also have lots of Lilly Pulitzer on sale too.  Click here to check out their Lilly sale selection.

FYI, if you are planning on ordering items as gifts or saving them for next summer, make sure you still open the package and make sure your items are all accounted for, you were sent the correct size, and your items aren’t defective.


Comment below and let me know what all you picked up during the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale, or what’s on your wish list!

All comments will be entered in a GIVEAWAY!!
One comment per person please.

One lucky SSP reader will win all of this!

A new beach towel, a pair of sunnies, a gold leaf cuff and a St. Tropez Self-Tan Kit!

Pretty awesome, right?

Don’t forget that Nordstrom offers price adjustments, so be sure and check out their Lilly section here, especially if your favorite item from the sale sold out quickly.  It may still be available at Nordstrom.

If you have a fit question on a specific item, please email me at sweetsouthernprep at gmail. I’ll try and help you with sizing as best as I can, and attempt to get back to you promptly!

Whatever happens during the Lilly After Party Sale, I wish you the best and hope you have lots of luck scoring your Lilly favorites!

356 thoughts on “Lilly Pulitzer’s After Party Sale Starts Today!! Sizing/Fit Help + A Giveaway!

  1. Patiently waiting for the after party sale to start!!! Hope to pick up anything with flamingos. I’m kind of obsessed! ?


  2. I’ve got a big wishlist for my daughter of swimsuits and shifts! And I’m hoping for some swing dresses and beach shorts for my upcoming Mexico trip with my hubby 🙂 Good luck sale hunting!

  3. I love the pineapple pattern in your Monterey dress! I missed out on it in the last sale and I’m hoping I can snag it today! Thanks for all of the fun updates!

  4. Love all your helpful tips!! Thank so much! Here’s to scoring some fun, new Lily!!

  5. Oh I am so excited! I am hoping to snag en Elsa top or two, some little Lily shifts and bathing suits for my girls (if they have them), a Rachelle dress and an Essie!!

  6. I am always on the hunt for Elsas, Murfees and items for my Minnie at the APS. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. I was able to get my favorite Essie tank top! Loved all of your updates regarding the sale and your blog! Thanks!

  8. I hope to get either the flamingo shirt or th e Essie tank. (Instagram name – annie1179)

  9. Hoping for a few accessories and maybe an Elsa in an older print, if I’m lucky! My favorite sale of the year.

  10. I want everything!!! However I am hoping to snag a few little Lilly shifts and some elsas!!

  11. What a great sale and giveaway!! I hope to score another Elsa, the Essie dress and some other goodies!

  12. I really hope to score a new dress, a cover up for my upcoming trip to Florida, and some tops (tanks and tees). Thanks for doing such a fun giveaway today! Best of luck to everyone

  13. I want the Annabelle cut-out top Cameran wore during interviews on Southern Charm. It was on the sale in August put I missed it. Hoping it’s back today!

  14. I’m hoping for popovers galore and a few shifts! I also would like some cashmere, but doubt that will be available.

  15. I love all the fun gold clothing and accessories. I try to go in with an open mind so I’m not disappointed. There are so many fun options!! My daughter and I will be busy texting back and forth–somehow she gets in way before me even though we are both waiting. Can’t wait to hear how everyone does:)

  16. I really want the piper pants, fingers crossed that they are on sale! I also like the Adie shorts and anything luxletic!

  17. This is the year I finally get an Elsa top! Have been looking at them for years and just never pulled the trigger. I get stuck on the dresses 🙂

  18. Elsa tops, Essie tanks, Callahan shorts & dresses!!!!! So excited for this sale!!! Happy shopping!!!

  19. One of my favorite days of the year! Im hoping to snag some Little Lilly Shifts, the Ali dress, and the Essie dress! Fingers crossed and good luck everyone ?

  20. So excited about the sale!! Can’t wait to snag another Elsa top and a few dresses. 🙂

  21. I’m hoping to get an Elsa top as well as some flowy cotton dresses…like the ones you have mentioned. Thanks for the tips!

  22. I just got a pair of buttercup shorts in a color that had gone out of stock. I’d wanted them so much that I checked out right away 🙂

  23. Thank you so much for sharing sizing info and all the details! I’m in the virtual waiting room but hoping to snag the Essie dress and tank!

  24. Commenting while hoping the techinical issues with the Lilly site get fixed quickly! Looking to snag some Elsa tops, Essie dresses or tops and maybe a cell phone case.

  25. I’m hoping to get some beach shorts, the Monterey or Eddie dress, and some Arya or Michelle tops!

  26. Waiting to get in…. Looking for a new popover and a few Essie dresses or tanks!! My favorite sale of the year!

  27. Haven’t been able to log on to the Lilly web site yet, but I’m hoping to score a couple Elsa tops! Love this giveaway – so much great stuff!! 🙂

  28. I picked up the Sonya Set, Laura Pineapple Sandals, and 2 Essie tops! Love your blog! You are such a wonderful blogger!

  29. I hope to get several cool accessories when the site opens back up. Can’t wait!!

  30. My list is long…but would love a popover and shifts for my daughter! Hoping I will get on soon!

  31. I’ve got an Ali dress and Essie top in my cart but haven’t been able to checkout for the last 30 minutes! Am I the only one??!!

  32. Elsa tops & Essie tanks are my fav! Classic and easy to pair with anything! Love your blog so much!

  33. Was lucky enough to already check out with some Essie tops (and bought the new pattern of Essie dress at full price!) – but I’m trying to get in a second time for some girls items!

  34. Wishing for an Elsa Top. Snagged a cute tee. Thank you for all your knowledge and sharing your life with us readers.

  35. Oh I love the Essie dresses! Heading there first and then shopping for the girls! (Thanks for the tip on Nordstroms. I had no idea!!)

  36. I am in line but would love to score some elsas and popovers. Fingers crossed. 🙂

  37. Elsa tops, matching classic shirt dresses for me and my daughter, mindi shawl collar cardigan, and I’ll take one of everything you’ve posted!

  38. The site was down but I still got a confirmation email saying my order was placed, think it’s okay? i certainly hope so because I am OBSESSED with the Blythe V- neck Swing Dress!!!

      1. I thought so too.. Yay!! Thanks, Ashley! Loved the post, especially with the girls in Lilly!

  39. Elsa tops, matching classic shift dresses for me and my daughter, mindi shawl collar cardigan, and I’ll take one of everything you’ve posted!

  40. Elsa tops and dresses! ? So sad the site is down right now… I’m currently #55245 inline ?

  41. Was hoping to get an Elsa top. But with all the technical difficulties I doubt I’ll be able to score one.

  42. Hoping to snag a cashmere sweater per usual and dying for that Ellie Tunic Dress! Happy shopping! 😉

  43. Love those sunnies! ?Graduating this semester so I’m looking for a graduating dress!!?

  44. Ok. I just can’t. List. All. That. I. Want. ?? There are so many cute things!! Ahh?! Hurray for a Lilly sell and thank you for all of the sizing tips!! ????

  45. Awesome giveaway!!! Hoping to score a new Elsa top, hopefully in magenta and maybe a fun print:)

  46. I’m hoping for a dress to wear to a wedding in Key West in March! The Bride is the ultimate Lilly lover!

  47. So stressful because I got in early then went to check out and it wasn’t working! Still ended up getting cute things though! My favorite is the Sienna dress in green.

    1. The same thing happened to me. I was checking out and it shut down. Glad you still scored the Sienna Dress!

    My app is updating but the 3 desktops and ipad through safari are NOT!
    What’s up?
    My app is going down slowly but my desktop says same number it did an hour ago. :*(
    Heard anything?

    1. It’s hit or miss seriously like every ten minutes. I was shopping on my phone this morning and it shut down at check-out. The past four sales have been so much better and run smoother than this year’s.

  49. Yeah! Just placed my order. At 8AM I was 186th in line. Thought I struck gold, however it crashed. In the end it worked out. I got an Ali and Beacon dress, buttercup shorts, essie top and girls mini callahan short. I also bought a couple of shift dresses on Amazon for $99. Thank you for all of your great advice.

  50. I totally agree, Ashley, the previous sales have been so much better, especially on check out! I still haven’t been able to check out on my cart and have been trying for close to two hours. 🙁 I’m afraid to log out and back in because of the queue. I still haven’t moved forward in the queue on my phone either.

    One thing to remember, gals, is to check Amazon, 6PM and Zappos. I ended up getting the Elsa top I wanted on Amazon while I’ve been waiting to check out on Lilly’s site.

  51. Got in right away then the site crashed ? But I was able to get back in and grab my girls some little Lilly shifts! They love them!

  52. Looking for some minty fresh fansea and out to sea items! Love that print and you wore them so good! Good luck everyone 🙂

  53. I waited in line for 2 hours but finally got what I was dying to have! The posy gaucho crop set! So excited!

  54. I picked up an Ali dress and a Blythe, per your advice! Thank you so much for the sizing information. I am sure that I’ll love them both 🙂

  55. I’ve been in the que for two hours now! Once I get in I’m hopping for Elsas and Callahans!

  56. Anything Essie and hoping to get something for my daughter, patiently waiting in the line currently!

  57. I hope to score some Elsa tops (they always fit!) and some stuff for my little girls! There are currently over 84,000 people in front of me… so this giveaway is probably a safer bet for me to score some Lilly!

    Thanks for hosting!

  58. I have yet to get on but I love the Limonada Cashmere wrap. Perfect for a bit of warmth. The Vero Tunic is also something I have had my eye on.

  59. Man, this sale (even including the site hiccups) has done me so well in the past! This is not my year:( I’ve tried on 3 different devices, and the line is either not moving, or the one time I did get on at 8:10, I made it all the way through to check out and it wouldn’t submit my order and then I got tossed back in line. I did grab an Elsa top through the website of a store in Va Beach and paid about the same thing in the end, even with shipping, so I GUESS it’s a success:)

  60. I would love to get an Essie top. I am also hoping to get a little Lilly shift dress for each of my daughters. Thank you!

  61. I want to snag Essie dresses and Elsa tops and anything little lilly in my daughter’s size!

  62. I have the Ali dress in the same print you do and love it! I would love to pick it up in another print. It is so comfortable. Thanks for all of the sizing tips!

    1. A little small. Depending on how you want it to fit. If you want a looser fit, go up a size.

  63. I found some items on Amazon Prime on Sale and the store here in Dallas still has somethings!
    I want elsas, popovers and beach shorts. Fingers crossed. I have been in line forever on like three devices!

  64. Scored a pair of McKim sandals this morning – I’ve looked for these every sale and they never have my size. So happy to finally get them!!

  65. I picked up the Harbour Kimono Cardigan and a Swing Dress! Can’t wait to get them in the mail!!

  66. Love the sale but so disappointed with the way the site/sale has been working today. I agree about the stress/disappointment! I got an Elsa and some dresses for my girls (would have gotten more had the site not kept crashing at check out). Love your giveaway! Thank you for everything.

  67. I have been dying for the Ellie Tunic Dress ever since you started posting about it! It is so cute!

  68. I was hoping the Amberly dress would be part of the sale & it was, and I snagged it! I am so excited for this one. Just loved how you styled it with that gorgeous sweater! I was also able to get my Lily the Edna Dress in Gimme Some Leg. It is so cute and I can’t wait for her to wear it.

    Something I was hoping to get, but unfortunately was sold out in my size was the Worth Jeans-Denim in white. I’ve never owned a pair of white jeans and these were rated 5/5 stars. They were also marked down almost $100! I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed until the next Lilly sale. 😉

    I appreciated your posts getting us ready for today. Great giveaway too! fingers crossed!

  69. Was looking for the leggings and a popover. My popover got sold out as I was shopping! Boo! But, I found several cute things, and picked up an ornament for my 7th grader for Christmas next year. She’s a little Lilly Lover too!

    Thanks for all your advice and the pics. Love your Instagram feed!!

  70. I am so excited about my purchase! I ordered a magenta Elsa silk top and a water lilly Elsa crinkle gauze top. I’m not exactly sure what the crinkle gauze part means, but as much as you rave about Elsa tops, I’m sure this one will be great too! Plus, I love the color. I also got a navy Amberly dress and multi roar Ali v-neck t-shirt dress! My last item was a little different for me, but as much as I love wearing white jeans and white shorts in the summer, I thought the Izzy envelope skort in white might be something fun to try! I put some things on my wish list too in case I feel the need to go back and buy more. Thanks for all of your suggestions, Lilly Queen!

  71. It was so hard to pick-picked up some great goodies! Elsa’s, Blythe Swing Dress, Ali T-shirt dress and a Vero Tunic 🙂

  72. I got too much!! I got the Kennedy Crop set, Lorna trapeze dress and Avery trapeze top with my 1st order. The markdowns on those were just too great & they were items I’d been eyeing but was hesitant to spend too much on since I can’t wear a lot. Then I went BACK and got several shorts, dresses and a shirt for my Momma’s birthday in April. I hope I can wait that long to surprise her! While I was in, I spotted a few things I had missed earlier, like the crinkle gauze Elsa, a Monterey tank for $14, Cosmos tank to layer under cardigans and the knit Callahan. I’m excited to try the knit shorts; they had great reviews!!

  73. I finally got in and picked up the Blythe swing dress and Walsh shorts you recommended! Also got some linen beach shorts and Georgia May Palazzo pants that I’m excited to try out!

    Thanks for doing such a cute giveaway!

  74. I’m looking for new Elsa tops and Amelia Island tunics. Just got on the site and there is still so much left in stock!

  75. Yay! I got the Amberly dress for me and the darling turtle earrings for my Grandma! So glad you have you as a sizing and style resource – thank you!!

  76. Picked up a Marlowe dress, and a few other items that I’ve been eyeing for awhile!!

  77. After waiting in the queue for 4 hours, I was able to snag an Elsa top and a couple of dresses! Yay!

  78. Duval dress and tank dress. I really wanted to get another Essie dress but they were sold out in my size : (

  79. When I finally got in I managed to grab an Elsa, the amberly dress (thanks so much for sharing that!) and the neveah top!

  80. Got an Elsa top and the blue Amberley dress you posted. Thank you for the size recommendations. Definitely helps!

  81. picked up essie dress, duval dress and tops, palazzo pants, and beach pants! so pumped…they had tons of choices this year!

  82. Such a bummer on the site but I got a couple of dresses and a popover. Love Lilly

  83. I would love an Elsa top, a dress and a bathing suit for my daughter for next summer. Thanks for the chance!!!

  84. essie tops and Essie dress are my most favorite purchase but definitely found many other must haves!

  85. I picked up some Essie tops for Christmas 2017 gifts (you can never shop too early) and another Mikela top because I love the one I bought in August so much!

  86. Essie tops and little Lilly! I must have missed the swimsuits. Was hoping to snag one of those for my little one.

  87. two pairs of shorts, a matching minnie dress and an essie top….oh, and a planner for $9! Can’t beat that. It’s snowing today in STL, and I’m dreaming about our FL getaway in 6 weeks.

  88. After patiently waiting for 4 hours, I was able to get a few dresses and several Elsa tops! Thanks so much for sharing your helpful tips! I just love reading your posts!

  89. I grabbed the Amberley bc I liked it when you first wore it! Alsogot some Amelie cardigans and Elsas!

  90. I was hoping for a dress to wear to an upcoming wedding, but I wasn’t able to get one!

  91. First thank you so much for your fit tips, I have purchased many items from your blog and loved them all! I got on late this morning and was able to get a marigold skort, isle cardigan, Xmas ornaments, Amberly t-shirt dress and Brooklyn sleeveless sweater! Can’t wait to get them. Fingers crossed I win your giveaway such great items

  92. I haven’t even had a chance to check it out ? I’ve been lucky in the past getting a few things.

  93. I’m definitely late to the game but still hoping there might be an Elsa top in my near future….would also enjoy an agenda!

  94. I’d love to pick up some shift dresses for my daughter! Thanks for the chance to win!

  95. I took your advice and ordered the Amberly dress in navy to replace my well loved navy Cassie dress from several years ago. Also the Vero tunic in Caught in the Coral, Egret Henley top in navy, and Edna dress in Hanging with Fronds. I’m most excited to have found the Sophie dress in Coco Safari on sale through a signature shop. It was #1 on my wish list! Hoping my luck continues with your great giveaway ;D

  96. The Essie dress and the Ali dress and one with long sleeves and waiting for them to restock the navy one.

  97. I am excited about the Amberly dress! I snagged an off the shoulder top too along with a couple of other things.

  98. I snagged a few dresses and tops for me as well as a scarf and jumpsuit and some shorts for my daughter. The little girl stuff went fast and was very limited this time. That was the only bummer.

  99. Can’t wait for more Elsa tops, Essie dresses, and planners. They make great gifts too!

  100. Thank you so much for your amazing and helpful tips! I was able to score the Amberly dress, Essie tops, Essie dress, and Skipper popover. Heading back for more! Thanks again, I love your blog and you have the best style 🙂

  101. Hey there — I got a few things for me and my daughter –she got the fringed top and short set, a pair of magnolia scalloped shorts and I got a couple of tops, too. Oh and of course a new phone case.
    I love that they added items throughout the day! Nice surprise for those of us waiting online for a while!

  102. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get through on the sale. 🙁 I’m super bummed but appreciate your Nordstroms and Amazon tips! I’m still trying!

  103. Scooped up an Elsa top and the Emery shift dress for my brother-in-law’s rehearsal dinner this April! Can’t wait!

  104. After a few false starts, I was able to grab a couple tanks and a dress – all in all a success, for both my closet and my wallet. 🙂 Thanks so much for your helpful sizing tips and all the work I’m sure you put it to share all this with everyone – I appreciate it!

  105. Thanks for all the great tips & style ideas! Looking forward to my navy amberly dress and several shorts for the summer!!

  106. I am looking for dresses for my bridesmaids to wear while we get ready on my wedding day! 🙂

  107. I purchased a kensie tank for $14!! I wanted an Essie too (i have one I love) or the Essie dress but they were out of my size or it wasn’t the print I was hoping for.

  108. I snagged the Karlie Wrap Romper, Fifer Silk One Shoulder Top and the Shari V-Neck Top. Thinking all of these items will be great to go on our Disney Cruise in a couple of weeks to celebrate my two boys birthdays.

  109. I had a class for work this morning and by the time I got out everything I wanted in my size was gone! But I would have loved to have scored the Amberly Dress- so pretty! Maybe next time

  110. I ended up buying way more than intended…but the prices were so good! Dresses, leggings, and shorts for my mini, Essie top, Georgia Mays, and Beach Pants for my mom, and Parigi Maxi, callahans, Almeria top, kelly pants (I LOVE these!), luxletic crops, and ida top for me!

  111. Stocked up on matching shorts for my littles….somehow they always end up with more than me! Love your posts and you always know about the sale first!!

  112. Thanks for the recommendations! I ended up with the Amberly, Blythe and Sarasota Tunic Dress! Super excited to get them in and hopefully wear them on an upcoming trip to Miami! Thank you for always giving tips and tricks. They are greatly appreciated! Would have never tried the Amberly without your suggestion!

  113. Love this sale!! I scored a new phone cover, isle cardigan, bailey sleeveless top, Sydney caftan top, and egret Henley top! I cannot wait for it all to arrive!!

  114. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to pick anything up from the sale this time. Wish list? Everything!

  115. Amberley dress, Elsa tops and I want everything!!!!! You did a great job prepping us! Thank you!

  116. Scored some new Lilly dresses! Would of loved to of gotten my hands on a few pairs of leggings though.

  117. I got myself a Monterey Tank and my daughters the Mini Callahan Shorts all in the Dragonfruit Pink Toucan Can print! I see cute pictures in my future! Haha!

  118. I snagged another Elsa to add to my collection and a cute Shift….. I had to restrain this year because I’m working on budgeting and my husband was pleasantly surprised 😉

  119. Am well stocked after 3 new pairs of shorts, 3 dresses, 2 cardigans and 2 tops… whoops! But it only comes once a year 🙂

  120. You’ve convinced me that I couldn’t leave the sale until I found some sort of Essie item. I did get the Sarasota Tunic which fingers crossed hopefully will look good!

  121. I wasn’t able to order yesterday even while logging on as the 52K person in the queue! I have been
    stalking the cover-ups and the Elsa tops are lovely.

  122. Thanks for the posting!!!

    Duval Cap Sleeved T-Shirt Dress
    Sleeveless Essie Top
    Marina Dress
    Elsa Silk Top – Tile Wave
    Jasmine Caftan Top
    Amberly Swingy T-Shirt Dress
    Sydney Caftan Top
    Montego Swing Dress
    Ariana Swing Dress
    Sienna Maxi Dress

      1. Yeah, maybe I went overboard! But I figured I could sell anything I change my mind about and I was so worried about Lodi g all my picks that I rushed to add and check out. Most excited about the caftan tops and maxi dress since those look so gorgeous. Thanks for all your tips!!

  123. Was hoping for some elsa’s but i was too late. Will be checking nordstrom and my local store and paying a bit more i guess. Worth it!

  124. Thanks for all your sizing tips! I scored an Essie top, buttercups, a wrap dress and some darling dresses for my daughter! Oh, and a popover last night when more were added! Success!!

  125. I wanted to snag my first Elsa top, but they were out of my size , so def on my wish list !!!

  126. Elsa tops are just my favorite. I grew up getting a shift dress from my grandmother every holiday so in the far future when I have kids of my own, i’ll for sure be buying loads of shifts for them. This prize is awesome!! Thanks!

    1. What a sweet story! Exactly the reason I won’t sell my girls’ little Lilly dresses. I want to save them for my granddaughters if I have them. 😉

  127. This is the most helpful post!! Thank you for the amazing tips and tricks! I missed out on my wish list items, but going to check Nordstrom and Amazon per your suggestions! You’re the best! ?

  128. Who else has had theirs ship already?? Wahoo!! For all the glitches with the beginning of the sale, it is great that shipping is so quick. I should have my packages on Wednesday.

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