Life Lately: Part One

As promised, I’m catching y’all up on what we’ve been up to over the quarantine.  And as you’ll notice quickly, we’ve been taking full advantage of the beach, pool and boat.  Anything to get outside!

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This was Day One of homeschooling.  They were excited!

Then they started literally climbing the walls!

We’ve gotten in lots of extra snuggles.

And we’re still loving our bike rides.  Vaughn always has to stop if he sees a dandelion so he can make a wish and blow it.  Love this so much.

We’ve tried out lots of new hairstyles.

We found this chair on the side of the road in our neighborhood.  Wheeler insisted on taking it to fix up and use for her desk in her room.

We’ve found lots of cool experiment activities, puzzles, games, etc. you name it! to keep us busy.

We even had a family talent show one night that was hilarious.  In fact, we need to do it again sometime!  Effie sang Over the Rainbow.  The song she was going to sing at her school talent show that sadly never happened.

The kids love this game called Fish Stix.  Outdoor rug source here.

Even the simplest scavenger hunts have been fun!

And art projects too!

Sadly, this happened to Effie on one of our boat trips.  We hit a wave and Effie bit through her bottom lip and cracked her teeth off.

Thankfully, Dr. Dennis Schimp was able to come to the rescue and he sewed her beautifully!

Her dentist put temporary caps on her teeth for now.  They’ll be fixed better after we find out whether or not either tooth will have a root canal.  So far, they’ve been looking great!

The next day, she insisted we go back out again!  Love her resilience!

Vaughn’s Survivor-inspired camp.

All in all, she had a great day!  Love how brave she is!  She didn’t even cry when the accident happened.  Just asked if she could see a mirror and I was like wait, what?  And then saw her mouth and broken teeth.  Needless to say, I remained calm because she did.  Whew!  What a day!

More art projects!

And you guessed it, another boat day the following weekend!  This was back when they closed down the barrier island beaches too, so we anchored and swam around those days.

Wore this coverup.  25% off with code: 4THOFJULY.

And these jelly sandals.  They have them in the girls’ sizes too.

P. S. Lulu just dropped new colors in the Hotty Hot Shorts.  They won’t last long so order them soon!  Remember to size up, they run small.  I also ordered this tank in white.

Hope y’all are having a great week so far!  I’ll be back for more Life Lately posts tomorrow!

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