Life Lately: Part Two

This is what happens when the kids go explore in our backyard and lose not one, but THREE pairs of boots to the pluff mud.  Luckily, Lanier came to the rescue with his shovel and waders and dug all of them out!

Obstinate Daughter will always be my favorite in town.  If you ever visit, it is a MUST!

The girls have been eager to go on runs with me and I’ve loved every minute.  They’ve since stopped because of the heat and humidity, but I sure loved it while it lasted.

And lots of lots of bike rids, which we love.  Effie and Vaughn asked if I would stop and take a picture of them like this.

Effie was pretty excited about bathing Boozer with them.  Boozer wasn’t quite as eager.

As I mentioned yesterday, at one point during the quarantine, we weren’t allowed to go to the beaches, so we took the boat out and fished and anchored and swam.  Anything to get out of the house.

Living her best life!

The sweetest messages to their teachers.

Their outfits are all by Shrimp & Grits Kids.  Look closely at their bottles.  Of course Wheeler and Effie were especially excited because they rarely find anything with their names on them.  One of my brother in laws works for Coca-Cola and got these for them.

Lobster Pajamas

Wheeler enjoying her forever favorite meal – crab legs!

No place I’d rather be on Mother’s Day!

Family bike rides have been one of my favorite things to do during the quarantine!

This was such a cool experience at Brookgreen Gardens!  We were invited by Bruce Munro to have an early access preview of his new exhibit Southern Light.  Since he couldn’t be there in person because of the quarantine, he recorded a video for us to share his vision.

We then got the entire gardens to ourselves to explore everything!

Vaughn even brought his Flat Teacher along with him.

This was our first time at Brookgreen Gardens – such an amazing experience!  I’ve heard the lights at Christmas are really cool too.  We’ll definitely be back!

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