Life Lately: Day Date with Vaughn

Love having some one-on-one time with Vaughn while the others were on a trip.  We went to see Elemental and it was really good.  Followed by shopping for Pokemon cards, getting sweet treats and lunch.  And lots and lots of time spent swimming and casting at our neighborhood dock.

We tried our hand at music trivia one night and didn’t do that well.  I feel like we listen to a good bit of music but it was HARD!

Worethis dress in a small and it’s on sale.

What he calls his Spider-man jump.

Was so glad to have Wheeler and Logan home after five days away.  This dress is on sale.  Paired here with these sunniesMy acrylic earrings are on sale for $25.

We enjoyed a yummy lunch at 167 Raw.  One of my favorite spots in town.

I always get the tuna burger.  So good!

Wore this dress in a small.