A Christmas Dinner

Love seeing all our Christmas cards lit up each night.  Used these strands of lights to hang them.

Table setting was set up the incorrect way.  No one noticed, so I think it was fine.  Nobody’s perfect, right?  As for the china, I had a lot of you ask about my pattern.  It’s Wedgwood Runnymede.  I loved my mom’s fine china so much, that I registered for the  same one.  My crystal is Waterford Lismore.  Napkins are on crazy sale right now from here and these little reindeer headbands are always a hit.

Lanier making his delicious prime rib!

Twinning in our Holst & Lee bracelets.

Always such a fun night!

This year, our friends re-created some dishes from some of our favorite local spots.  This salad was a replica from Cru Cafe.

And this dish was a Farrow and Brussels re-creation from The Obstinate Daughter.

Attempting to play Christmas songs with our whistles from our crackers.  We weren’t great, but I think we’re definitely improving compared to last year.

Love these girls so much!  Always the best time!

I wore this dress (under $75 and comes in lots of colors) and these earrings.  My bracelets are from here, necklace is from here, ring is an oldie but goodie, but this one is similar and these glittery gold flats are by Kate Spade.  I’ve had them a few years now and still LOVE getting to wear them.  These heels are similar and kind of love them too.  I have this style in a lot of colors.  They fit true to size.  Lanier’s pants are from here.

Just love this time of year so much!