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My apologies for the lack of blog posts this week!  Since school has been back in session, it’s been hard to find the time to sit down and reflect.  Our August flew by pretty quickly, as expected.  After a fun trip to the lake and then a staycation at Wild Dunes, we were happy to get back home and settle in for the school year.  This photo was after we saw the movie Dora.  All four loved it!

Sweet brothers.

Our Sunday best!  Many of you asked about Wheeler’s chin.  She accidentally fell and bumped it when she was staying with my parents and got a rug burn and tiny bruise.  Thankfully it wasn’t worse!

One of my fave coffees – lavender latte from Vintage!

My friends were in town one week and sadly it was a week that we weren’t, but we managed to reunite right before they headed back to Charlotte after their vacay!

On Monday morning the 19th, we woke up and got Lanier out of bed and took him to Waffle House for his birthday breakfast!

Then we showered him with lots of cards and gifts!

He loved this one.  Y’all, if you’re in need of a great gift idea for your grill master guy, get him this!  Lanier couldn’t wait to use it!

For dinner, we headed to one of our favorite spots – Yamato!  That’s Stuart the Rice Minion.

Dress // Crossbody // Earrings // Sunnies

We had the best time celebrating Lanier’s 40th!  We’ve got more plans in the next few weeks to really celebrate, but the kids chose how they wanted to celebrate him on his real birthday and he loved it!

One more fun pool day before school started back the next day!


5th grade???  Don’t even get me started!

Girls Dresses

All set to head back to school!  This will be the last year that they’ll all be at the same school.  I’ve known this was coming and have cherished the last two years with them all at the same school so much.  Needless to say, this year will be a very special one and I’m going to savor every moment of visiting the school and seeing all of them together!  On the first day, I held my own and didn’t tear up until Wheeler was the last one to be dropped off in her classroom.  As I gave her one last hug and watched her walk around and find her desk, all I could see was a flashback of her at three years old entering her preschool class for the first time, so brave, eager and ready.  And me, reluctant to let someone else have her for a few hours twice a week.  But just like then, I prayed and trusted that everything will be just fine.  She’s the same sweet girl.  Except a quick blink and she’s 11, starting her last year in elementary school.  My how time truly does fly!

Wheeler – 5th Grade

Effie – 4th Grade

Wanted to add that I have washed and dried these $10 dresses numerous times and they’re still good as new!

Logan – 2nd Grade

Vaughn – 1st Grade

I used to get my hair colored every 4-5 weeks, but these last two visits I’ve been able to push it to 9 weeks!  For those wondering, I’ve been going to Canvas on King since I moved here in February 2015.

Loving this dress for only $25!  This style is a little different than the other maxi dresses I have similar to this and I need to sew up the side slits a little (they’re pretty high), but I fell in love with this print so I knew I wanted to keep it as soon as I tried it on! //Sandals // Bag

Had a morning coffee meeting at Huriyali last week.  How cute is this little spot?  We chatted about the upcoming Charleston Wine + Food Festival and all the exciting events it entailed!  It isn’t until March, but the tickets just went on sale two days ago and they’re already selling out so fast!  So if you’re interested, be sure and check out the schedule here.

Life Lately: Part 2 coming right up.  Told y’all I had a lot to share!

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