Life Lately

Dress // Wedges

Last Thursday, I headed to my dear friend Caroline’s art show with her friends at The Vault.  This was the way we announced the giveaway winner who won all of these amazing pieces!

Love her and all of her amazing pieces so much!

Loved this rosé they served so much!

Seriously, though, these pics don’t do her pieces justice.  They’re beautiful!

After dinner, my bestie Lindsey and I headed up to The Watch for dinner.  They make the best cocktails!

Burratta goodness!


Mussels and truffle fries!  Can you tell we were hungry??

Top // Sunglasses // Earrings

On Friday night, we’d planned on heading to the Riverdogs Game with the family.  But right before the game, we had to wait for a huge storm to roll through.  So at that point, Effie was my only taker and the others stayed home.  But we had the best time!

Go Braves!  Lanier and I both grew up huge Braves fans and followed them pretty closely.  This was a Legends game where old Braves players played against old Yankees players.  While I was a little sad that Eddie Perez played instead of one of my all-time faves Javier Lopez, it was still fun to see players like Uggla, Klesko and Avery out there.

And the Braves won!  Lots of y’all asked about this top.  I’m wearing a small and it comes with a liner.  On sale too! // Earrings (on sale) // Effie’s Dress

After dealing with 100 degree weather last week, after the storm rolled through you wouldn’t believe how cool it was…with a breeze…and the prettiest sky!

You know if it’s not raining, we’re bound to be on the water.

How awesome was this??

Wore these sunnies, this coverup and this bikini top.

Wheeler’s castle creations – Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Statue of Liberty

Salty kisses are the best!

Bikini Top

Absolutely LOVE these sunnies.  Found them on sale.  Love that I can wear them under a hat and they’re not too big.

Lanier’s jalapeño poppers are amazing!  Want some right now.

I see you, Logan.

Had a partner with me on my run last week!  He did great!

My apologies for the lack of posts this past week.  The end of year is always super busy and I haven’t been able to find the time to get to my computer.  Lots going on.  But the kids are out for the summer as of yesterday and we’re so excited!