Life Lately: Part 2

Sunnies // Earrings // Top

So the end of year school bash usually falls on a Friday.  This year it was held on a Monday, so in my head I kept thinking it was about to be the weekend again.  Haha.  They always have the best time at this event each year.

Thankfully all of their hair color came out in one wash!

Would y’all believe my top is only $6??  Love it so much, I’m going to order more colors!

One of my favorite meals Lanier’s made in awhile!  Delicious!

Tilapia with butter (cilantro, lemon pepper and salt), avocados and guacamole salsa

So proud of Effie and what her Green Team has accomplished this year!  All grades have worked so hard on this little project all year long with the help of some awesome volunteers!  Just so impressed with it all!  And so happy that they’re teaching all of our littles how important it is to love our Earth!

Second to last day of school!

End of year pool party!

Wearing this scalloped bikini top.  I’ve had it a few years now and it still fits great!  One of my readers shared a lookalike for less here.  I can’t vouch for the quality of it, but it’s a serious steal!  My sunnies have sold out, but I got them here.  You can select a notification box that will let you know if they ever come back in stock.  I also love these, these and these.

Wheeler’s Suit

Take 20% off her suit with code: SWEETSOUTHERNPREP.

All set up by the pool!  My little vacay pouch is only $6!  Some of y’all asked if I liked my Yeti Tote.  I sure do!  Love that you can spray the entire thing down after a beach day too.

Seriously though, only $6 for this!

Last day of school…

…compared to the first day of school.  They’re wearing almost the exact same clothes!  Look how much Vaughn shot up this year!

Rising 5th grader!!!

I can’t believe I won’t have a kindergartner in the Fall!  Makes me so sad!  Wish I could freeze time!

School drop off on the last day of school!  It was such a fabulous school year.  I hope next year brings more of the same!  While we’re excited for summer break, it also means another has passed and they’re getting that much older.  So bittersweet!

I hope y’all have a great weekend!

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