Last Day of Spring Break + What I Wore

To make the most of the kids’ last day of Spring Break, they asked for Mexican and ice cream.  And we did just that.

It’s always a toss-up between their two favorite mexican spots – Taco Boy vs. Mex-1.  This day they went with Mex-1 on Sullivan’s.

We usually choose Beardcats (below Obstinate Daughter) for ice cream, but this day we tried out Republic (still on Sullivan’s, down from Poe’s).  They loved it, and all chose mint chocolate chip.

One of my sisters always comes in town for the race weekend.  She usually stays at a place closer to the race start, but we were so happy she stopped by for a visit on Friday!  FYI, she’s a LOT faster than I am.  If you remember this post from a few weeks ago, she and her friends ran the Palmetto 200.

I loved this navy dress so much…

…that I decided to get it in green too.  I’d planned on wearing it to church yesterday, but the weather turned out to be too cold.  Paired it here with these wedges.

How pretty is the new bright blue color of one of my favorite style earrings!

This is the dress I wore on Friday.  Absolutely LOVE the print and the fact that it has pockets.  It’s lined too, so not see-through.  The lightweight fabric is perfect for spring/summer!

Happy Tuesday, Y’all!

I posted a little later in the morning yesterday, if you missed my final recap of Key West, check it out here.