Wednesday Whereabouts: Cooper River Bridge Run

Early Saturday morning, we headed out to the race start.  Traffic is always tricky, but this year about 40,000 people raced it.  Thankfully they’ve got it down it to a science, and everything went off smoothly, all in our assigned corrals.

I never realized how big this race was, but I read that it’s now the third largest 10k in the US.

One of my sisters always comes in town for the race.  While I’m a jogger, she’s a serious runner, like runs marathons and half-marathons.  She had a great run time!  I ran the entire race, except for the hill.  That part was a little of both.  The uphill is definitely the major challenge of the race.  I will also note the security of the race was more obvious than it’s ever been.  National Guards every quarter mile or so on the bridge.  Helicopters in the air and boats in the water.  Very comforting.

Excited to celebrate afterward!

Thankfully the rain held off until Saturday afternoon.  But when it arrived, it poured!

Sweet Vaughn wore my medal to Sunday School.

Love my Logan Bear!  Lanier wanted to steal his shirt.

I got my nails painted at Mylk Bar a week before I left for Key West.  Would you believe this is two weeks later, after suntan lotion, chlorine, sand, etc??

Off to church with the girls!  Wearing this dress and these sunnies.  It’s definitely becoming a favorite!  I get asked what color my sunnies are.  They’re the White Tokyo Tortoise.

Hope y’all are having a great week so far!

I’ll post my favorites from the Shopbop Sale tomorrow!

Our tennis team has our playoffs this week and we’re doing well!  Fingers crossed we can pull out one more win and we’ll head to states in mid-May!

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