Jack Rogers Flash Sale + J.Crew Spring Sale

Jack Rogers is having a Flash Sale!
All of these metallic Navajo Sandals are on sale until midnight!
These run true to size.
J.Crew is also offering 25% off with code: SPRINGSTYLE.
Free shipping on every order!

4 thoughts on “Jack Rogers Flash Sale + J.Crew Spring Sale

  1. Dear Ashley,
    I just read your comment on angels, and I so agree with you! I also cannot help but think this came from some of the negative comments you got over the last few days. When I read them, I could only imagine what you felt. A have some advice for you, don't let these "haters" get you down. You don't deserve the nastiness of what was written. I will tell you, I am married to a doctor (I know your dad is one, actually my dad is as well) here in Charleston, and we have lived here a long time, but that is not what is important. What IS important is to know that people TALK here, and I mean a lot. Just watch yourself and how you come across on the internet. Me, personally, I could never put myself out there like you do, it just would not work in my world. People are quick to judge, they don't know the whole story, but what you paint is a pretty privileged world. You are certainly one blessed mama and your children are beautiful (I have 4 as well!) but when you constantly link item, from a book to a dress, for a commission, people start to judge. Not to side with the comments, but there have been a lot of must have posts, and how I do it…that comes across condescending to some folks. How about doing a post on you felt leaving your beloved Charlotte? I know that was hard. My in laws live there. It is a great town. Anything that is fresh would be a nice addition. Maybe try to go a week or even month without the links. I think your readership would prosper and the critics would be silent. Just some advice. I am a bit older than you, and I wish I could tell you this in person because I kind have seen this coming. You did not deserve it at all, but I know my world criticism is always so hard, but I do benefit from it.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind comment. I know it's hard to believe but I haven't read any of the harsh comments. I choose to ignore them, so I honestly don't know what people have been saying. I know you'd agree with me here, but I live my life how I want to, and don't need to read critics because I don't want them to change how I live my life or affect my feelings or thoughts. I am who I am. And the angel I was referring to had nothing to do with my blog, but something that happened in our life. I do share a lot of my life on my blog, but I don't share everything. It's critics who feel the need to share more about me, and honestly many don't know me, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I know it's unfair that they do that, but I do put myself out there, and knew that from the beginning. I remain optimistic and prayer is powerful. Thanks for reading! xoxo

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