How I Do It: Rain, Rain Go Away Kids’ Activities + St. Patty’s Rainy OOTD

The weather on Saturday was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  E had her first soccer game, and then we went on a fun scooter/stroller ride after naps.  We soaked up every second of it, knowing that this week it was going to get cold and wet again.
She wanted me to photograph her balancing her umbrella on her head.
Unfortunately, it started this morning right after early service.  It had me thinking that I needed some new rainy day activities for the kids, since it’s supposed to rain until Wednesday.  The girls painted today, but they also did that on Saturday too, so I think they’re probably burnt out on it right now.  Here are some great ideas that I came up with, and some I found online…
E’s “Rocket Ship”
Activities When It Rains
(Some sources for ideas: Real Simple & Oprah)
Simply Paint.  Supplies: Small Canvases – Paint – Paintbrushes
Bake.  Whatever you’ve got, since you’ve got some extra time inside, make cookies, brownies, etc.
Have a Treasure Hunt.  The hints can be rhyming.  Place them in envelopes around the house, and have a treat at the last spot (the treasure!).
Prep a longer bubble bath than usual.  Add extra special toys (an exception on such a rainy day).
Make a tent.  Hang sheets off of couches or other furniture.  Read books inside.
Pop some popcorn.  Grab some extra snuggly blankets, pillows and kiddos.  Settle in for a good flick.
Get some binoculars.  Have them look around.  What they spot, they draw a picture of, even have the other children and you guess what they spotted, based on their drawing.
Have them put on a concert or show.  Film it on the iPhone, and then let them sit back and watch the show over and over and over again.
Pictionary, without the actual game.  Draw a simple picture and have the kids try and guess what you’re drawing.  Simple, but they love it!
My OOTD for St. Patty’s Day
  I hope you remembered to wear GREEN!  No pinching here!
Hope y’all have a great start to your week!

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  1. Some of those activities are our go-tos as well for rainy days – baking, baths, movies, inside tents, and pictionary! I think after these past few warm weekends I can make it through a few more cold and rainy days (hopefully my boys can too). Cannot wait for the warmth to stick around.

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