Fashion Friday: Whereabouts + Twine & Twig Available Online

 The weather at the beginning of the week was beautiful!  The girls are decked out in their Little Lilly Shifts nowadays (old prints, similar HERE) and always request “Elsa” braids.
The baby shower for my sister (#5 of the 6) this past Saturday was so much fun!  All but one of my sisters showed up for the shower.  Love it when we can all get together!  I’m wearing the J.Crew Camille Dress in Venetian Green.  Have a look down at my knee, so unharmed, right?
Well, unfortunately, THIS happened on Sunday.  Sorry to gross you out.  I went for a run, tripped on a tree root and fell…HARD.  Even my Nike Frees got a little scraped up.  I still managed to run the mile back home, more out of sheer embarrassment, than in pain.  The pain is happening now, as it’s starting to scab and heal.
J.Crew Camo Sweatshirt in Mountain White // J.Crew Vest (old, but I own this one and love it too) // Nike Tempo Shorts (old color, but these are on sale for $22) // Tory Burch Enamel Flip Flops // Essie Bottle Service (toes) // Essie Fiji (fingernails)
Thankfully, at the beginning of the week, it was warm enough that I could wear shorts, so it wouldn’t bother my knees.  Unfortunately, later this week, it’s been super cold, and I’ve still had to wear shorts.  Sure hope they heal up soon, but I think it’s going to take a little while longer.
Needless to say, I’ll be taking it easy this weekend.  Love this new Essie Resort on my nails called Essie Resort Fling.

Twine & Twig is now available online!
See how I’ve styled mine in these previous posts, here, herehere & here.

Twine & little Twig is also currently online.
From what I understand, T&T will restock their online boutique about once a month.  Hurry though, they’re all selling out quickly.
All their necklaces are one-of-a-kind, which I think is so cool, so know that when you’re choosing your handmade necklace, yours is the only one out there!
All images courtesy of Twine & Twig.

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  1. These T&T pieces look very interesting. I like the one you wore with your Anthropologie top. And your little girl looks so cute wearing the one with the giraffe!

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