How I Do It: The Behavior Chart

 I hope y’all had a wonderful weekend.  So I decided to try a Behavior Chart with the girls.  This has been two years in the making.  Seriously, I was going to do this two summers ago, and finally decided to go through with it this past weekend…like this poster board is two years old…
 I knew I wanted some easy rewards (say prayers) in there, and ones a little more difficult (no crying).  Their deal is that if they receive all 10 stars in one day, they receive a reward at the end of the day (candy, stickers, etc.).  We’re going on Day 2, and they still haven’t filled them all in.  The “No Crying/Whining” is giving them some trouble, which is exactly what I wanted them to see!  I’m a visual person, and I think they are too.  I wanted them to notice that they’re doing so many things so well, but that they needed to work on being in better moods throughout the day.  Also, I’ve decided that if they receive a certain number of stars for the whole week, they’ll receive a special treat (a trip to get ice cream?).  Most weeks, they’ll pretty much get that one.  The poster board is hanging on the laundry room door, where they eat their meals (in full view).
What do y’all think?  If you’re attempting a behavior chart, make sure and include tasks that fit your family, these are specific to mine.
 In other news, we’ve decided little V’s Panthers jersey is our good luck charm, since the Panthers finally got a huge win yesterday!  We’re hoping it happens every week, from here on out!  Optimism at its finest!
So I ordered this blue Baublebar Bubble Necklace (for a limited time, it’s $18), thinking it would be perfect for UNC games, as the color description is Powder Blue.  Well, clearly it isn’t a light blue like I thought, but now I’ve decided it’s the perfect Panthers blue.  Win, win!
The other bauble necklace is the Crystal Pinwheel Strand.
W has been practicing her spelling, all by herself.  In true sports fan form, what do you think?
(For Sister #6 of the 6)
(For Sister #4 of the 6)
(For my Mama)

Happy Monday!

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    1. I was just going to say the same thing about the spelling. We call it "invented spelling" in Head Start; though, I think "sound spelling" is better.

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