Hooray for Laser Hair Removal + Vineyard Vines Latest Faves

This past weekend, my friend Jaime and I headed over to Coastal Skin Solutions for laser hair removal treatments on our legs.  Jaime already did her underarms and continues to love the results.  I mean, not having to shave your legs again, sounds like a dream!  It was freezing that day, but I wanted to wear shorts so my legs didn’t get my pants greasy from the lotion after my treatment. // Wearing this cute sweatshirt.

I’ve considered laser hair removal before, but there were restrictions on not having darker skin so I wasn’t able to do it.  Plus, I’d heard it was painful and that the procedure took a long time for legs.  Well…not anymore!  Meet Soprano Ice.

We all loved it and it seriously took about 15-20 minutes tops to do both legs.  With the newest technology, almost all skin pigments can have laser hair removal treatments and it doesn’t hurt at all!

Alex at Coastal Skin Solutions applied ultrasound gel to my legs and rubbed this wand with a warming sensation (but not uncomfortably warm) on each section for about five minutes then moved on to the next section.  She said it usually takes about six treatments.  The first four treatments, I’ll go back every four weeks.  And the last two, I’ll wait six weeks between each visit.  For more details, here you go…

I’m so excited to not have to shave again!  As a busy mother, this will save me so much time!  If you have even more questions or to book an appointment, feel free to reach out to Coastal Skin Solutions.  They’re extremely knowledgeable and friendly.  Phone: (843) 405-5906 ||  Email: coastalskinsolutions@gmail.com

A cold and very quiet day on King Street.

Yesterday, I stopped into our local Vineyard Vines store on King Street.  Love this place and the selection!  I was most excited to check out the latest collection of spring arrivals!  I know it’s still pretty cold here, but we’re heading on vacation soon and will want some ‘springier’ pieces to pack.

Loving everything!

One of my faves was this little gingham dress!  This one runs true to size.  I know VV sizing is always a little mixed for different pieces, but with this one, go with your regular size.  I’ wearing a 6.  Will be perfect worn by itself for summer.  Planning on pairing with a denim jacket for spring.

Can’t wait to share with you what else I picked up while I was there soon!

Scroll below for some of my favorites from the latest collection…

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