Happy Mardi Gras!

I hope everyone is enjoying Fat Tuesday, pigging out, before Lent starts.  I will be enjoying my Fat Tuesday tonight at a Mexican restaurant, CANTINA, celebrating a friend’s 30th birthday.  Bring on the chips and salsa!  A margarita will definitely be in hand, as well.

I will be also celebrating the fact that my daughter just got accepted into a preschool!  I know that sounds crazy, but it’s pretty competitive here, almost like applying to college.  At most of the better church programs you have to pay a NON-REFUNDABLE application fee, around $100, and hope and pray that your child gets in.  They don’t have developmental tests for the children or anything, only a lottery system, so I guess you could say I won the lottery today.  🙂  There are two other preschools that I haven’t heard from yet, but it’s such a sigh of relief to know that she’s been accepted!

Now on to Lent…

What’s everyone giving up?
I’ll let you know mine tomorrow, I’m still deciding…

4 thoughts on “Happy Mardi Gras!

  1. Congratulations! What preschool is it? I had no idea you had to do all that. That sucks for families who can't afford it.
    I'm giving up Facebook. I already deactivated my account. And then I will fast from some type of food each week, ending the fast each Sunday. Not sure what the first week is going to be yet! Have fun at Cantina. I'm jealous! Don't pig out too much 😉

  2. That's so exciting, Ash! Is it Myers Park Pres? Kimberly's idea for a Lent sacrifice is a good one! We should all give up the same food each week. I think that would be cool to do together.

  3. Ummm… no giving up food for me… I am already not eating any dairy products or tomatoes! It has been really hard with my favorite food being cheese and all. No butter on anything…etc. It sucks! But it's all for Winston!

    I am giving up at least 10 minutes of each day to have a quiet time. I really need to get back doing that because I haven't done it at all lately.

    Congrats on the preschool!!

  4. I remember the preschool pressure. 🙂 OMGoodness, all your fun is about to begin. I absolutely long for those days and wish I had realized how easy it was then. I know you'll love every moment. 🙂 Thanks for signing up for my give-away. Good luck! xoxo

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