Fashion Friday: Saks Sale Continues…

With the Saks Fifth Avenue 20% Off Friends and Family Sale going on (use code: FRNFAM2 at check-out) I thought I’d throw together an ensemble that I’d love to order.  A perfect look to wear this weekend, or really, anytime of year!
I know I post these in collages a lot, but they seriously are the softest and most comfortable skinny jeans I’ve tried on.  I really need to pull the trigger and get myself a pair.
Love the pop of color!  I’m thinking these will be great for the holiday season.
I have a gold MK watch I wear every single day.  It’s the perfect classic watch, and goes with everything, but the Roman numerals on this one add a little something different.
Okay, so I own these, and don’t need another pair, but figured I’d share them with you in this ensemble.  Like everything else Kate Spade, they’re super classy, super affordable and small enough, that they can be dressed up or down.
As soon as I’m out of the diaper bag phase of life, I’m investing in a Tory Burch tote.  This one still tops my list!
These are so fresh and pretty.  With both of them already on sale, AND with an additional 20% off, I think one of them needs to be headed this way, asap!
I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!
I’ve got some BIG NEWS I’m excited to reveal, that I plan to announce on Monday.
Any guesses??
Any friends in real life that read, no spoilers, please!
TGIF, Y’all!

17 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Saks Sale Continues…

  1. That outfit is amazaballs!!! And thank you darling for the shout out yesterday 😉

    OK I cant stand you have to tell me the BIG News!!!

  2. Can't wait to hear your big news!! I've gotten on Saks so many times, but I still haven't purchased anything. I always know exactly what I should have gotten a week or two after the sale is over.

  3. Is it another baby? Another sister getting married? L has taken over the green egg? Sold the house…? I'm on pins and needles!
    Finally settled in STL I just did my first post in 2 weeks… crazy times! xoxo

  4. I love your style and would love to get input/suggestions on what to wear to a November Carolina football game! I'm going to homecoming and really want to look cute. Any ideas? Thanks so much. You and your fam are just precious and go Heels!

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