Fashion Friday: OOTDs

I took little V to his four-month check-up on Tuesday.  Looks like I shouldn’t be calling him “little” V anymore.  He is still the sweetest baby, always smiling, cooing, and most recently, talking!  Cracks me up!  Poor thing is probably trying to get a word in, to get some attention around here – so thankful he’s not crying, when he wants that extra attention!
I hope y’all are having a fabulous Friday!  I just picked up Boozer from the groomer, and he’s so tiny-looking now.  I told them to cut his hair this time, since he got out twice last week, and decided to roll around in mud.  I wanted it all to be gone, plus, now there will be less shedding around here.
Lilly Pulitzer Elsa Top (old, similar HERE, and on sale too) // J.Crew Factory Jeans in River Dot // Tory Burch Flip-Flops
Last weekend, the weather was so nice!  I was able to wear less clothing, and picked this outfit to wear.  The pants came in, just in time for the nice weather!
These Tory Burch Caroline Flats go with everything!  I picked them up during the Tory Burch Sale going on, a couple of weeks ago.  They’ll be the perfect thing to wear through the spring!
Michael Kors Watch (old, similar HERE) // Kate Spade Bow Earrings // Baublebar Stack Rings
On Tuesday.
While it poured the day after I received my flats in the mail, I was sad I couldn’t wear them, because of the rain.  But at least I had these new Kate Spade treats to boost my mood!

Love my newest manicure.  The colors are Essie Muchi, Muchi and Essie Chinchilly.  I was informed by my sister that the reason girls wear a different color on their ring finger is to let others know they’re independent, and proud of it!  Oops!  I had no idea!
On Wednesday.
J.Crew Tippi Sweater (currently on sale) // J.Crew Factory Necklace (old, but I’m loving this one too) // J.Crew Polka Dot Toothpick Jeans // Essie Muchi, Muchi // Essie Chinchilly // Michael Kors Watch // Tory Burch Caroline Ballet Flats // Kate Spade Earrings (old, similar HERE)
Essie Bikini So Teeny // Essie Tart Deco
I’ve become slightly addicted to Essie nail polish now.  I can’t stop buying their fun colors for spring!
On Thursday.
J.Crew Peter Pan Sweater (currently on sale, $69.99) // Hazel&Marie Twisted Pearls // Essie Muchi, Muchi // Essie Chinchilly // J.Crew Toothpick Jeans in Neon Violet (currently on sale) // Tory Burch Revas in Python (old, similar HERE) // Michael Kors Watch (less expensive HERE than most places) // Nars Lipstick in Promiscuous // J.Crew Pearl Studs
 On Friday.
J.Crew Plaid Shirt (old, similar HERE) // J.Crew Toothpick Jeans in Northport Wash // Tory Burch Kendrick Loafers (old, similar HERE) // Michael Kors Watch // Baublebar Tortoise Link Necklace // Kate Spade Marmalade Earrings

While doing some shopping today, I came across these Karolina Bow Heels at Kate Spade.  They carry them in an array of beautiful colors, but I think I love these the most!

 In case you’re wondering, Nordstrom now carries Diptyque candles.  And quite a selection they have!  Today, I went with Baies (bouquet of roses and blackcurrant leaves), but I also loved the Mimosa, Roses and Gardenia ones.

I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!  We have well kiddos here (knock on wood!), so we’re hoping to spend a lot of time outside (weather permitting!).  If you haven’t entered my Southern Nest giveaway yet, hop to it.  The giveaway ends on Sunday, at midnight!

11 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: OOTDs

  1. ashley, i am ALL ABOUT the party nail, and single, so i feel like i should know if it means something i've never heard that. and as nail polish obsessed as i am, i think i would have heard it. i am going to investigate, but i think you should ignore because your party nails are so cute!

  2. He is darling. Love all the outfits!! You always pick the cutest things. I have wondered….you seem to have bounced back from your babies so quickly, what is your secret? Good genes? Exercise? Chasing 4 kids? Would love to know.

  3. Your outfits are inspiring me for spring but it's still cold in DC. My daughter weighed 2 lbs 4 oz at four month check up last week. She also has a 98% head so they should be buddies. What a cutie he is. Have a good weekend.

  4. I absolutely love the "different color on the ring finger" nail polish trend! It lets you cheat by not actually having to pick between your favorite polish colors 🙂 just wear them both! Thanks for all of the spring outfit inspirations!


  5. I just wrote about how much I want those Caroline flats yesterday. I have the Edie flats in that color, but they're a couple of years old and showing some wear. Time to replace! Do you think they are sized like the Revas?

  6. Congratulations on your new Caroline flats, aren't they wonderful. I actually had to go up half a size from what I wear in the Revas. Did you find that too?

    Thanks for sharing.

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