Fashion Friday: National Wear Your Lilly Day + First Day of Summer + Anthropologie Sale

Happy National Wear Your Lilly Day!
How cute are these new dresses for the girls?
As you can tell, the girls LOVE their Lilly, just as much as I do.
(these photos are all from the beach last week)
I’m kicking myself for not getting this for W’s 5th birthday party last week.
 My suit is actually from Victoria’s Secret, but there’s are both Lilly (love this new Lilly print, HERE).
 Shagging with her friend, on the last night of our beach trip.
 Celebrating my dad on Father’s Day (the girls are both in old Lilly printed shifts).
Here’s how I wore my Lilly today…
Lilly Pulitzer Hart Top (old, similar HERE) // Lilly Pulitzer Urchin Bracelet (old, loving this one, currently on sale at Anthropologie) // Tory Burch Miller Sandals // J.Crew Chino Shorts in Chili // Essie Geranium // Kate Spade Mini Bow Studs in Fluorescent Pink // Loren Hope Ring
Did you wear Lilly Pulitzer to celebrate?  What did you wear?
The beach was wonderful this past week!  I’ll be sure and share more photos on next week’s Wednesday Whereabouts.  For now, I thought I’d pull some photos of me wearing some J.Crew favorites lately, that are currently 25% off with code: NEWSTYLE.  Enjoy!
Donut Ring Bikini (top and bottom – both on sale) // Ray-Ban New Classic Aviators
Tank Dress (I always wear a fun colored sports bra under it).
 Vintage Tank // Anchor Shorts (old, but I love these, these and these) // Tory Burch Flip Flops
J.Crew Coral Beaded Rose Necklace (old, but now J.Crew has it in WHITE, which I LOVE…especially when it’s 25% off with code: NEWSTYLE) //  Striped Villa Dress (here and here)
While I didn’t end up wearing this to the Braves game last Wednesday night, it was one of my options.
Quick!  These won’t last!  These Neon Dot shorts were $128, now marked down to $75, with code NEWSTYLE.

Camille Dress
Only a few sizes, now only $75!

Anthropologie also has a huge sale going on…
Loving this Figli Layer Necklace!
Perfect for the beach, or any cool evening.
I posted about these little guys last week, and now they’re on sale for only $9.95!
These sailboats would make the cutest nautical decorations this summer!
On sale, $9.95-$14.95.
Everyone needs this book.
Except I would use mine in my bathroom, for bobby pins, cotton balls, rubber bands, etc.
Instagram has video now, and I just posted my first video this morning.  You’ll love it!
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I hope y’all have a great weekend!
Happy First Day of Summer!

22 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: National Wear Your Lilly Day + First Day of Summer + Anthropologie Sale

  1. I seriously adore you girl! I have a feeling we would be great friends if we lived closer!

    ps you are rocking hot mama in those bikinis!!!

  2. Thanks! I just picked up one in navy. BTW you look amazing esp after kids! Do you follow a specific diet or something? My youngest is 4 and I'm still trying to get back on track!

  3. I just want to say that your blog really inspires me to be a preppy mom in the future! and your children are so adorable you seem like a great mom! 🙂

  4. I've been reading your blog for a few months and you amaze me with your four little ones. I've loved your posts sharing your daily life–how you grocery shop etc with4 kids. Can you do a post about meal planning?? I have one 16 month old and it a struggle to cook when he is all over the kitchen. What's your tips/ secrets? Do you meal plan? Any sample daily menus? Yes, I agree with the previous posters–you are in awesome shape!! Do you eat the same meals you plsn for the kids? Or something different?

    1. Thanks, Patty! I'll definitely plan on doing a post about their meals. I honestly don't meal plan. Normally, I just think of what comes to me, and look at what I've got available in the kitchen. One tip for keeping the kids out of the kitchen, is that it's very small. So I have a swing gate that I put on the door when I'm prepping meals, and they aren't allowed in the kitchen. Otherwise they'd be running all around me, all the time! And I don't eat their meals. I eat my lunch while they're napping, and I eat my dinner after they've all gone to bed. 🙂

  5. Is that the Tory Burch continental zip wallet I spy in your shopping basket? I've been looking at that one for a while; it looks like a really good size!
    PS- You look amazing for having had 4 children!

  6. How does Lilly sizing for shorts compare to JCrew shorts sizing? I wear 00 and sometime 0s if I can't find the color I want in 00 in J Crew. What size do you think I should get in Lilly's Callahan shorts? I always get 3 inch inseams in J Crew. The Callahan shorts have a five inch inseam though and I'm 5'2. What do you think?

    1. First off, you are teeny! Secondly, they run about the same. I wear a 6 in both, so I would try a 0 in Lilly, for you. The Callahans are definitely longer than the j.crew 3" chino shorts. Lilly makes a new kind called the Liza, that have a 3" inseam, so those may work better for you. Also, the Lilly Walsh shorts are shorter too, I think. Good luck!

  7. Thanks so much! I thought my kids would get a kick out of the glow in the dark Callahans. But maybe I will pick something else. I wish they carried all the patterns in 3 inch inseams. I really appreciate your input!

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