Fashion Friday: Maine Recap

I figured I could incorporate my Maine trip into my Fashion Friday post.  With all the outfits I wore, it’s fashion, right?  Feel free to inquire where I got my different outfits, if interested.  Hubs and I started the week off by visiting his sister and husband, who live outside of Cambridge, as he just finished up Harvard Seminary this past spring.  We had such a great time visiting with them.

Harvard Business School

Harvard on the river

A trip to Boston wouldn’t be complete without shopping on Charles Street in Beacon Hill.  The dress I ended up getting was at J. McLaughlin, which of course is right down the street from me at home.  Oh well, at least I can say I got it in Boston, right?  I absolutely loved the little doors in Beacon Hill!

We also followed the Freedom Trail, that passed all of the historical spots in Boston.  Not exactly a day I should have worn flip-flops…

 Statue of Paul Revere
Old North Church
(where they hung the lanterns)
On the USS Constitution
Resting (and washing) the feet in a water fountain, at the end of our walking trip

Enjoying drinks atop the Prudential building, called Top of the Hub
Our view from the top
Next on our itinerary was heading to the wedding location, beautiful Scarborough, Maine.
Picking up a friend on the way, in Wellesley, MA (think Cape Cod, but with more foliage)
With a friend, at the rehearsal dinner.  So much fun!

The place had a beautiful view of the harbor.
Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t as beautiful the next evening, for the wedding on the beach, but at least the rain stopped for the ceremony.  They were also kind enough to provide all of us with umbrellas.
The beautiful bride and groom (the bride’s mother is the one in the middle, smiling).
The bride wore her mother’s dress.
We had such a great time, even if the humidity got the best of my hair by the end of the trip!
Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!  As soon as I get back, I’ll be catching up with y’all, and remember the giveaway will start either Monday or Tuesday.

22 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Maine Recap

  1. Looks like a wonderful trip to Maine and Boston. I love both of those places! Sorry to hear the weather was yucky for the wedding, but at least the rain stopped for the actual ceremony…

  2. My family has been talking about a big trip to Maine next summer. I am just dying to go there!!! You looked adorable in all of your Friday Fashions!!

  3. Just wonderful pictures…love the East coast!! How do you get them so big?? You are a terrific photographer and captured some great shots!!!

  4. Is your teal dress from Old Navy? I have one in fuchsia! I am seriously thinking about breaking in and stealing those adorable gold shoes you wore to the wedding! You looked great, but what's new?!

    Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy being home!

  5. Cute pictures! I just moved to Beacon Hill and love it! The only problem is I am way too close to Charles St and shopping waaayyy too much! Looks like a fun trip!

  6. Stumbled upon this! I am a mom from Tennessee and we are on the Maine coast for the summer! Glad you enjoyed Maine! I have been coming for the summers since I was a kid and now I am bringing my kids up…its a great tradition! We love it!!

  7. Love your pictures..looks ilke you had a great time! My parents just vacationed in Maine..their favorite place on earth I think!

  8. Boston is pretty, historic town. I've always wanted to go to Maine and even despite the weather, it still looks beautiful.

  9. Beautiful photos! Don't you just adore the doors in Beacon Hill? So charming! Beacon Hill at Christmastime is my absolute fav. I spy gold Bonannos in someone's hand… 😉

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