Fashion Friday: Bundled in Burberry (sort of) and Awards

So after my post yesterday, with some Burberry pieces, I really want to buy a coat that channels Burberry, but for a fraction of the price.  Would this work, as a look-alike?  Click here, to see the jacket, in the Beechnut color.  Opinions needed, please!
Shrimp and Glitz was so sweet to tag me in her post “Tagged: 8 Questions!” 
1. What is your favorite dessert?
Key Lime Pie or Pecan Pie – depends on my mood.

2. Ever tried to cook something and failed miserably?
I overcooked shrimp for a dish.
3. Is there a dish you haven’t made yet but really want to?
Chicken Tetrazzini
4. What is your favorite food?
I love it all – but my favorite would have to be Mexican – with a margarita, please!
5. What is your least favorite food?
Brussel Sprouts – gag!
6. Do you have any seasonal meals you like?
Tomato and Mayo Sandwiches in the summer, Celery with Special Cream Cheese Topping that my mother-in-law makes for Thanksgiving and Christmas!  Love it!
7. What is your comfort food?
8. Chocolate: milk, dark or white?

Milk chocolate.

Here are the three ladies I tag, to answer these eight questions:


A big thanks to Natalie at Blonde at Heart for awarding me the “One Lovely Blog” award.  Here are three lovely ladies that were the last three to comment on my blog, that I pass it along to.


The hubs and I are taking W to see Yo! Gabba Gabba: Live! on Sunday.  They’re only making an appearance for two shows in our city on Sunday, at 2 and 5.  We’re heading to the 5:00 showing.  Thanks so much to Keeping Up with Stella for giving me a heads up on this tour, way back earlier this summer!  So after this beautiful wedding weekend, full of events, we’ll hopefully continue the excitement, as we share such a fun time with our daughter, who is OBSESSED with Yo! Gabba Gabba.

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I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  And if you cheer on a certain football team, I hope they win…
…unless of course, they’re playing against the Tarheels, Bulldogs or Carolina Panthers!
Our Panthers need a win so terribly bad!  Hope they can make it happen this Sunday!

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  1. Such fun tags! We like a lot of the same foods!

    Love key lime pie and mexican food…with a margarita! And oh my goodness how I love country ham biscuits from Bojangle's!! Haha and brussel sprouts make me gag…

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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