Effie’s 10th Birthday!

Crazy to think I’ve been blogging since Effie was only three months old!  If you want more details on why I started blogging, head over to this post.  Effie also proceeded to wear this light-up sash and headband to her sock hop following her party.  Bachelorette, anyone?

I also found this old post from her first birthday!

She simply asked for a confetti party for her theme.  Doesn’t get easier than that.  The weather was miserable outside, so we did a few crafts, ate some cake and ended it with a fun dance party, as always.  22 girls showed up for her special day and they all had a blast!  I always get the toss-away table covers and when the party’s over, just ball it up and throw it out.  Such an easy clean up.

Wearing this dress in a small.  Only $26!  Lots of y’all ask what I wear under it.  I wear this nude bra under all of my dresses like this.  And yes, I have developed quite the collection.  Just can’t help it.

Each girl posed with Effie for their make-shift photo booth.  Lots of themes for photo booths here.

Happy Girl!  She was truly in her element at her birthday party!  Double digits, can’t even believe it!  If you’ve ever had the chance to meet her, she greets anyone like you’ve been best friends since birth – I’m talking anyone from drive thru window workers to little toddlers at a playground.  It’s hard to describe, but people are just drawn to her.  Always perky, helpful, happy and engaging.  She’s the perfect balance to her sister.  Both so sweet and kind, but both so awesomely different.  I pray and hope she never loses her spark.  A true light!

Natalie and I had friends in town from Raleigh and we had a blast with them this weekend.  You may remember them from our girls trip to the Bahamas back in April.  Hard to believe that that was THIS year!

My favorite dish at Sorghum and Salt.  A Japanese twist on shrimp and grits.

We always have so much fun together!

The weather was miserable on Saturday for Effie’s actual birthday…

…so we spent a lot of time opening up Effie’s birthday presents and assembling lots of LEGOs.

Cuties.  I always love our Sunday church pics.  The girls are wearing these dresses.  Perfect for the holidays!  For more photos of this dress, head back to this post.

Lanier’s sister had been vacationing out at Kiawah with friends and left on Sunday.  We met her for lunch over on John’s Island.  The kids were so excited to see their cousins.

Since Effie’s birthday was on Saturday, I got to celebrate her again on Monday and brought her a birthday lunch.  She requested Chick-Fil-A!

Lots of y’all have asked about my jacket recently.  I’ve had it over five years and it’s still one of my absolute faves.  It’s insulated yet super lightweight while I love!  For fit, I actually own it in a small and a medium.  I like it fits true to size, but I have it in a medium too, in case I want to wear more layers under it.  Lanier has the same one too.

I’m absolutely LOVING this new coffee table book!  The women they chose for this book are phenomenal.  They all perfectly represent the South!  Well done, Garden & Gun!

RIP Dorothea Benton Frank

Wednesday was Team Spirit Day!  Effie’s wearing my high school softball shirt that’s 20+ years old.  Go Mustangs!  Loving Vaughn’s little outfit.  Wheeler said her team is Harry Potter’s Quidditch team.  And Logan promptly changed into a Clemson Tiger shirt after deciding against his Team Batman idea.  {Sidenote: Lanier was out of town, otherwise he would’ve added some Georgia Bulldog red and black in their somewhere.}

How cute is her dress?  It’s from Vineyard Vines.  They just started their ‘Great Gifting’ Sale.  Use code: GIFTS19 and take 25% off all orders over $100.

Y’all, these ugly sweaters are amazing!  Any of them would be perfect for an upcoming party this holiday season…

Head back to my previous post here, if you missed the first part of our ‘Life Lately’ posts.  Too many photos to cram into a single post.  Remember, you can always shop all of my latest looks here too.  Just click on a photo to shop the outfit.  Super easy!