Life Lately: Part One

What a November we’ve had so far!  First off, I wanted to share this dress with y’all.  Love this print so much!  For fit, it’s true to size.  I’m wearing a small.  Only $28!

Here’s another view of this dress.  Pair it with booties and a jacket like this one and you’re all set for the cooler weather.

Logan’s Hat // Logan’s Boots // Wheeler’s Hat // Wheeler’s Boots // Logan’s Coat (old, similar here) // Wheeler’s Coat (old, but similar here)

Now that the temps are starting to drop here, the kids have been enjoying the fire pit out back.

A few weekends ago, we hosted a football viewing party and cookout with friends and had the best day!  Sadly, our fire pit area had some damage during the hurricane, so we’re still trying to put it back together.

If it’s not obvious enough, Effie was super excited about her new bike she got for her birthday!  I kind of love it so much that I want it too.  Love that it has a built in cup holder and basket.

How cute are her little puppies in the front basket?

Logan, just taking it all in after church a few weeks ago.

Girls are wearing these dresses and these shoes.  Vaughn was clearly wearing Logan’s pants.  Whoops.

Signs of a good time in the pluff mud out back.  I’ve always loved these boots…and definitely need to soak these to get them shiny again.

Hiding in the boxes at check-out.

Wheeler went on a camping trip with her grade level for two night and she had the BEST time!  The sleeping bag she brought with her was mine from 2000?  I remember Lanier giving it to me for Valentine’s Day.  Crazy that it’s almost twenty years old and still available online.  And so many of y’all commented on her luggage, when I posted this to Instastories.  It’s Vera Bradley Red Provincial and probably even older than my sleeping bag.  I still use it all the time and let her borrow this one.  😉

Got a carbon facial a few weeks ago at Coastal Skin Solutions.  It’s supposed to tighten the skin and shrink the pores.  My hands look a little weird in the photo because I’m holding a tube that sucked up the smoke when she would zap my face.  It didn’t heard that much, like a rubber band hitting my face with each zap.

And I loved the results!  I get so many questions about my lashes.  I use Latisse to help them grow longer.  But they still grow out super straight, so I still have to curl them and use mascara.  For my makeup routine, head over to this post.  And for my skincare routine, head overhere.

I sent Wheeler with three stamped and addressed envelopes to our house and both sets of grandparents.  She was so sweet and while she was only away for a few days, she wrote to all three of us!  This was the letter she wrote to my parents.

Dress (old) // Pearls // Shoes

Wheeler had to miss cotillion while she was on her field trip, but Effie was all ready to go!

I suffered from an almost three day lingering migraine last week.  The worst.  Started Thursday and lasted on into Saturday.  During that time, I had to help Vaughn with his turkey project.  Well, we were so happy with our finished product and lots of hot glue later, until…

…we discovered the other half!  Whoops!

One of our friends decided not to attend a concert on Sunday night and reached out to my friend Lindsey and I around 7pm on Sunday night and asked if we wanted her tickets.  The show started at 8.  We decided, why not?  And went!

The Goo Goo Dolls at the Gaillard.

Super random, but I had to share this product that completely tames my flyaways without weighing it down.

Talk about a throwback!  I actually remembered a lot more songs that I thought.

Told y’all I love this dress, have worn it twice in the past two weeks.

Elin Hilderbrand is so good!  I’m so sad I have to wait until next October for the third book in this trilogy to come out!  I thought the first book was amazing, but the second one was even better!  If you want a good read and in search of something not too heavy, you’ll love this one.  I especially love it because it took me back to St. John with all the references to local spots.  While I have to admit I still miss Dorothea Benton Frank so much, Elin is a pretty great runner-up.

Wearing these soft mocs and cute pj pants…Boozer’s on them, so how could I not??  Both are currently 50% off right now!  So the mocs are only $25 and the pants are $20!

Second half of our ‘Life Lately’ coming up soon…