Disney Trip: Day Two

Alright y’all, get ready for photo overload.  Today, I’m sharing our second day at Disney with you.  We started the morning off with goodies.

Instead of buying gifts at the Disney stores at the resort, I went ahead and ordered some things before our trip to have them prepped and ready to go.  This little autograph set was perfect!  It came like this, with the confetti.  Four book and four pens, ones that you could change the ink color.  The kids loved it!

I also ordered this set of Minnie ears for the girls.  Knew they’d be way cheaper to order them online than once we got to the resort.  And the girls loved them.

On the monorail, on the way to Disney!  Wearing this top and these sunnies.

Logan’s face was priceless when he saw Cinderella’s castle.  Since this was the boys’ first time, they knew when they saw that castle that they were truly in Disney World!

After we had rain off and on for our arrival the day before, we were so thankful the weather turned out perfect for the Magic Kingdom!

Our first stop was Splash Mountain.  This is the kids acting scared.

We’d heard this ride had potential long wait times, so we booked it over there first thing and only had to wait five minutes.

Since this was the boys’ first roller coaster ride, needless to say they weren’t expecting the plunge.  But afterward, they said they loved it!  Can you find Effie?  Haha.  We went there, then to Thunder Mountain.  The wait time wasn’t long for that one either.

The first character to sign their books was Big Al from the Country Bear Jamboree.  Apparently, he doesn’t make an appearance that often, so this was neat we got to see him.

We were up close for the first Disney performance of the day at Cinderella’s castle.

There’s no doubt you could tell where we were from.  Thankfully, we had a fast pass for ‘It’s a Small World’.

After this ride, we popped into Mickey’s Philharmagic.  Kids loved it!

We then headed to the Crystal Palace for the first of many character meals we enjoyed throughout the week.

Love Vaughn’s sweet little face looking up at Eeyore.

Logan wrote ‘I Love You’ after every autograph he received.  The sweetest thing.

What we learned from this trip is that our kids love buffet-style food.  They loved being able to go back for seconds and sometimes thirds to load up on their favorite food.  And we were very happy they were taking full advantage and eating so much.  Made it worth it!

After lunch, we headed over to the Enchanted Tiki Room show.  A good place to sit down inside and let our food settle.  And we couldn’t forget to let the kids walk through the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House.  I know it’s kind of boring for some, but they still love this movie so much.

I can’t tell you how excited the girls were to go to the Hall of Presidents show.  They’ve been learning all about them in school, so it was pretty neat for them to see this and what all the presidents looked like.  Although, I was still awaiting Abraham Lincoln to shout, “Party on, dudes!”

The trick of the park is if you’re wandering around, look closely.  Sometimes, or maybe it’s just the time of year we went, there were no lines for characters.  We seriously noticed Mary Poppins on our way to meet Mickey and Minnie behind a little row of hedges and no one was greeting her.  We were excited to snap a pic!

Next up, meeting Mickey and Minnie!  We used another Fast Pass (#2 of 3 for the day) for this one.

As we walked over to the carousel, we literally ran into the parade.  We had to wait until it was over to cross the street, but the kids loved it.  Vaughn’s favorite of course was Maleficent and her fire.

My favorite pics from the trip.  Definitely going to frame these!  They turned out so well!  I had a lot of you ask if I brought a professional camera along with us.  All of our pics were taken from my iPhone X.  The ones above were using the Portrait mode.

After the carousel, we rode on Goofy’s Barnstormer.  It was fun, but just too short for us.

After doing some walking, we headed back over to Adventureland and enjoyed some yummy Dole Whips.  A must when you’re in Disney!  Then it was off to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.  Still love that they incorporated Jack Sparrow into the ride.  He was around offering autographs, but my kids didn’t know him since they’ve never watched the movies so they didn’t care for his autograph.

Our final ride of the night was the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.  We used our final Fast Pass for this one.  Based on Effie’s facial expression, we clearly loved this one!  A great way to end the evening!

An epic day for the kids at Magic Kingdom!  They loved every minute of it!

One of our waitresses asked if I made these dresses for the girls.  Ha.  They wore them around the Christmas holidays, and I figured they’d be perfect for Valentine’s and Disney too!  They’re also majorly on sale right now too!  As for my shoes, LOTS of you asked where I got them.  Scored them here.  I got them specifically for this trip and they were the most comfortable shoes.  Not to mention, I love the color combo.  As far as sizing, they’re true to size.

Happy Friday, Y’all!

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  1. We go to Disney in two weeks, can’t wait! I’m so glad you addressed the camera issue; your pictures are incredible, and I just got an iphone Xs. 😉 We have our fastpasses already, but where did you need the one for Mickey and Minnie? Thanks for all the Disney info. It is coming in very handy for me!

    1. I think it was called the Town Center or something. It’s in the building directly to the right when you walk into the Magic Kingdom. Have such a great trip!

  2. No, I’m totally not living vicariously through your family photos and being uber jealous I’m not at Disney right now 😂 this makes me excited for the day our son is old enough for us to take him, it looks like you guys are having a wonderful time!

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