The Cutest Pink Dress + Favorite Kicks for the Girls + An OOTD

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The weather here has been so wishy-washy this week.  One minute it’s in the 60s and within just a few hours, it’ll drop to the 30s.  But even with the colder temps, it actually hasn’t been as cold as it feels…at least to me anyway.  I think it’s because there hasn’t been a windchill to accompany the colder weather.  Yesterday, I popped into a few stores on King Street and the sky was seriously all white.  I sure would love to see snow, but I know that’s a rarity around here!  I just love Charleston at Christmas!

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My girls clearly had so much fun taking these pics the other day.  Not sure if it was the pink or the sparkle or the fun frilly skirt, but whatever it was, they were loving it.


So Wheeler is wearing the EMU boot and Effie is wearing the UGG boot.  I wanted to order and see if I could tell a difference.  I honestly can’t tell so far.  Effie’s had her Uggs longer, so they’re a little more broken in.  She’s actually almost grown out of them, so now I’m deciding whether to order her another pair of Uggs or a pair of Emus, like Wheeler.  One bonus right now is that Ugg boots are currently on sale!  And if you order today, they’ll arrive by Christmas Eve!  Just love Nordstrom so much.  The fact that you can still order so many items and have them arrive in only two days during the holiday rush is pretty impressive.


And how sweet are their little pink sparkle dresses?  They’re selling out quickly, so order soon if you’re interested.  Paired them with these black leggings, currently on sale.  Scroll below and check out more girls’ dresses I’m loving too…


Another favorite that the girls wear all the time, especially with all the rain we’ve had lately, are their Hunter rain boots // Silver // Pink.  If you’re deciding on a size, definitely size up.  Even if they’re a little big at first, they’ll be able to wear them longer.  Be sure and check out all the colors available.  Nordstrom definitely has the widest variety of colors.

Scroll below and check out more of my favorites for the girls…

With there being only four days until Christmas, check out my holiday gift guides on my sidebar for some ideas.  If you’re viewing SSP from your phone, my sidebar is located at the bottom of the post, just keep scrolling down and you’ll see all of my gift guides this season.  If you’re ordering from Nordstrom and wondering whether or not your item will arrive by Christmas Eve, select a size and it’ll let you know if your specific selection will be able to make it there before Christmas.

Yesterday Morning’s OOTD


‘Breakfast in Bed’ Tee (one of these days, right?) // Leggings (love them; fit is true to size) // Boots // Jacket


I hope y’all are continuing to have a great week!  We don’t eat out that often with the kids, but we took them to eat Mexican last night, so Logan could practice his Spanish and he did great!  He’s been taking Spanish this year, and was able to communicate with the waitress pretty well.  Even if it was just the basic, ‘Hola,’ ‘Come estas?’ ‘Muy bien’ ‘Adios’…we were all impressed!  Today, we’re hitting a bunch of fun spots they’ve been wanting to visit for a while now.  Can’t wait!

Happy Wednesday!

Thanks to Nordstrom for their partnership on this post.

7 thoughts on “The Cutest Pink Dress + Favorite Kicks for the Girls + An OOTD

  1. Thanks for the boot comparison! I’d never heard of EMU. I love Bearpaw’s Meadow style because the tread is sooo much better than my UGGs and they come in kid sizes for my nieces 🙂

  2. Your girls are just beautiful!! I think Wheeler looks just like your Mom with blonde hair. I especially love the picture of the girls running. Sisters are just so special! I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

  3. Wondering what sizes are your daughters in here? I’m looking to order this but not sure what sizes to get? The girls are bout the same age as yours. Thanks

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