My Successful 3-Day Cleanse + What I’m Eating + An OOTD

I’ve been posting my work-out outfits and telling y’all all about my activities like running, barre, etc, but many of you wanted to know what I’ve been doing as far as eating healthier in the new year.  So the first three days of January I went on a cleanse.  I know everyone has an opinion on cleanses and detoxes, those that love them, and others that don’t recommend them, but I for one think they’re a great jumpstart to healthy eating.  Many of you may remember my 7-Day Juice Cleanse I did last February.  How I got through those days without coffee and actual food, I still don’t know.  I’d do the 3-day juice cleanse again, but maybe not the 7-day.  But I definitely felt more energized, healthier and physically lighter, I did lose weight.

My top I’m wearing above has sold out, but I’m sharing more of my favorites that are similar.  Great for any work-out…

This time around I did this 3-Day Cleanse and loved it.  Okay, maybe we’ll say I had a love/hate relationship with it.  It’s a challenge, but most cleanses are supposed to be, right?  This was different than the juice cleanse, as you can eat actual food on it, but it’s not much.  After the three days though, I had tons more energy and felt physically better, especially coming off of a big holiday break drinking and eating everything to my heart’s content.  If you’re interested in trying it, I’m going to do another one next month and I’d love to have some SSP readers do it with me!  Order here now, and we can do it together from January 30th to February 2nd.  I’ll post updates each of those three days and we can get each other through it!

I’m not sure if y’all have heard of BeachBody before.  You may have seen the commercials. Well, I’ve been trying for the past two months to do the 21-Day Fix.  I say trying because I’m all gung-ho the first seven days, but by the second week I just can’t seem to stick with it mentally.  I’m hoping that by posting it here that maybe this next round I’ll do better and be more accountable.  I’ve been able to physically see a difference in just seven days, but then life gets in the way and I can’t mentally stay on it.  I’m determined this next go round (it starts on January 30th).  It will seem so overwhelming in the beginning, it is for everyone trying it for the first time, but you’ll pick it up quickly.  It’s basically all about meal planning.  And the work-outs are awesome!  21-day fix has a specific 30-minute work-out you do each day, and they’re so good!  It’s especially nice to have something you can do in the privacy of your own home.  I have so many friends that are on it, and look amazing!  If you want the all-access 21-day challenge pack (what I have), then you can order it here.

When I’m off of the plan, I’ve still been trying to eat right.  Lanier’s been on a paleo diet for the most part since the beginning of January.  That’s super helpful, as he chooses healthy menu options.  And of course, with men, he can dream of losing weight and wake up and be five pounds lighter.  So jealous.  But I feel like I want to give the 21-day fix an official start to complete finish.  Oh and if you’re trying to decide which flavor Shakeology to order, go with the chocolate.  I did the vanilla the first round, and wasn’t as much of a fan.  But the chocolate is ten times better this time!

As far as work-outs, I actually took all ten classes of Crossfit back in October/November.  Once I was qualified, I took a few of the group classes but decided it just wasn’t for me.  I think I’m more of a barre/yoga/runner over the weight training and competitiveness of Crossfit.  Plus, Lanier’s started traveling more, and I wasn’t able to attend the 5:00am class times like I usually love.  But that’s fine.  I’m still glad I tried it.  I’ve always wondered what it was about.  If you do it, that’s awesome!  Everyone in all of my classes were so in shape!  Honestly, I feel like with moms with young children and babies, the work-outs at home are the best choice.  My kids love trying to do the Beachbody work-outs.  Pretty entertaining.

If y’all have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me.  And trust me, I’ve done my share of every diet plan over the years – South Beach, Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, etc. – but this one is by far my favorite!

What all have you been trying in the new year?  I’d love to hear some feedback!

While we’re at it, I’ve had some of you ask about my skincare routine.  I never want to prematurely rave about a product until I’ve given it ample time to see if it works on my skin and keeps on working.  I’ll do a full post on everything I use, but this set above I’ve been using for the past two months and I absolutely LOVE it!  My skin is significantly brighter and glows more.  If you decide to order it, make sure the retinol is only .5% (the one that’s linked up is correct).  Some of them say 1%.  And only use the retinol every other night, until your skin gets used to it or it’ll dry it out.  And please make sure you apply the sunscreen that’s included every single day.  Extremely important!

Have y’all been receiving your Lilly orders this week?  Mine came in and I’m in love with all of it!  When they start arriving, I always wish I had ordered more.  Since last week’s winner never contacted me after a week, I chose another winner.


She wrote: “I’m hoping to get an Elsa top, romper, & the Ellie tunic.”

Congratulations!  Email me soon so I can get your goodies mailed off to you!

Gigi New York is running a great giveaway.  Click here or on image above to enter.

This is my latest clutch/crossbody I’ve added to my collection.  It’s hard to see here, but the metallic gold is so pretty on it.

As far as fitness trackers, because I’ve had some emails asking my latest preference.  Haha.  Y’all know I’ve tried everything under the sun.  I did love my Apple Watch that I got last Christmas, but I really wanted to hit my steps everyday and didn’t feel like the Apple Watch was very accurate.  I obviously loved all the other perks of the Apple Watch, but I’ve resorted back to a Fitbit.  I’ve been wearing my Fitbit Alta daily for over three months now, and really do love it the best!  I feel like it motivates me the most to get active.

Tank (this style is a little looser than other Lulu tanks) // Shorts (my absolute favorite style – seriously have them in over ten colors from the past few years!) // Shoes // Fitbit

Alright y’all, I hope you have a fabulous weekend!  I’m off on a run and would you believe it’ll be 75 degrees today?  From 20s to 70s in just one week!  The weather just can’t seem to make up its mind.  But I’ll take warm weather any day of the week.  This day in particular we’re taking the boat out.  It’s crazy, but the girls already have another break from school.  They’re off today, Monday AND Tuesday!

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  1. Hi!
    I have wanted to try the refresh – glad to hear it’s worth it. I did the 21 day fix last March and lost 10 pounds. I have kept it off but I am ready to lose another 5 – maybe I will join you! Love your fitness posts!

    1. Thanks, Meagan! If I can get my act together and get more organized, I’d love to keep these posts up!

  2. How do you look so tan in your workout outfit?

    Are you doing a self tanner? or is it just a filter?lol

  3. Love your blog! Been following it awhile and I always enjoy your posts. I’ve been doing megareformer classes and love them. I think you would too and I’m sure there is a place in Charleston. They are very low impact; how my friend described them ‘Pilates on crack’. Haha. Keep posting and sharing!

  4. LOVE the workouts on 21 day fix. SO efficient…I always felt like 30 minutes was plenty. Diet is tough to stick to for 21 days. I lost 12 pounds but felt deprived and gained it all back. I still do the cardio workout twice a week but in 2017 have just committed to “better eating” and more water rather than the Fix diet that was a little too extreme for me.

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