A Visit to Candlefish + An OOTN + Tory Burch Sale

 Instead of a cocktail recipe today, I’m talking candles.  And when I say I have a different fragrance in many of my rooms, I’m tell you I have a major love for candles.  With that being said, when the first day of Fall arrives, you better believe I’ll be lighting my Nest Pumpkin Chai Candle until the last flicker.  If you’ve been reading SSP for awhile, you’ll know that I’ve always talked about them since forever.  Believe me, it is the best smelling candle for the season!  And don’t get me started on the Holiday one in winter.
Anyway, back to why I’m talking candles today instead of cocktails.  Last night, my friends and I thought it would be fun to attend a candle making workshop.  This particular place in town is called Candlefish, but I’m sure they probably have other candle places in your area that may do the same.  You provide your drink of choice and they provide two candles that you get to create.

To start things off, they had a little introduction and ice breaker.  I think there were about ten people at the workshop?  Then we were asked to smell many fragrances and decide which one we liked best, to use for our candle creations.  You can kind of see some of the fragrances behind us.  That was probably the toughest part, narrowing down our favorites to just one.  From there, the actual candle making started.
First, we measured out our favorite fragrance.

Then poured our hot wax, making sure to hit the scale at the correct weight.  After that, we added our fragrance to the hot wax and stirred it for about ten seconds.

Labeling our candles.

Have you ever seen such an enormous hot glue gun stick??  We used these to glue our wicks into our candle jars.

After letting the hot wax cool a little bit, we poured them into each of our candle jars.

Our hostess, Jordan, then gave us popsicle sticks to balance on the top, to make sure our wicks wouldn’t move while the wax dried.

Afterward, we shopped around and played.  And today, we’ll be back over to pick up our candles!  Can’t wait!

And of course we finished the night at Cru!  The BEST!
What I Wore…

Anthropologie Blouse (Love love love this blouse! It’s the perfect weight for Fall and a great length and fit. I wanted mine a little longer so I went up a size to a medium.) // J.Crew Shorts // Steve Madden Wedges (on sale; these run big, so order down) // Julie Vos Moonstone Ring (Can’t stop wearing this ring! Definitely a new favorite!) // Charleston Rice Beads // Gigi New York Monogrammed Clutch (still on sale!) // Kendra Scott Parker Studs
Such a fun night!

Some of you asked if these Jack Rogers Jellies that I’ve been wearing to the pool are slippery.  They don’t have much traction, but not much different than flip flops.  I think they’re really comfy too.

Tory Burch just announced their latest sale!  Lots of awesome markdowns.  Remember, the best will sell out the fastest!

You know I love my Millers!  Currently on sale!  For sizing, they’re true to size!

Today, I’m taking Logan to his first day of school!
Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly!

2 thoughts on “A Visit to Candlefish + An OOTN + Tory Burch Sale

  1. The candle making looks so fun! I'll have to add that to the "things i have to do" list!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Xo Maggie

  2. That looks like such a fun girls night! And I will be making my way to Anthro during my lunch break tomorrow–that top is to die for! One day I'm going to pull the plug on that necklace–it's too cute and goes with everything!! I love that Julie Vos ring–just got the Byzantine cuff and it's my favorite new piece. Love it!!

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