A New Phone + Girls Holiday Dresses + Fun Mugs and Tumblers

First of all, I must tell you that I finally got a new phone yesterday, and when I opened the box, I felt like it was Christmas morning!  For some reason, I’ve always loved getting some kind of technology for Christmas.  It had been two years since I’d had a new one, so when Lanier told me I was up for getting a new one last week, I was ready to go.  We went in yesterday, and both walked out with the 6s.  After using a 5 for the last few years, the 6 is way better.  I was apprehensive at first because it’s clearly larger than the 5, but the better camera and better technology makes it the best choice.  And now you don’t have to hold down a button to ask Siri a question, you can just say ‘Hey Siri’ and she’ll answer.  My kids love that feature.
And since I’ve got a new phone, means I get to shop for a new iPhone case.  There are so many I’ve been eying, waiting in anticipation for a new phone.  Here’s what I’ve narrowed it down to…
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Last Year’s Visit to the Pumpkin Patch
With things being pretty busy around here, I’ve procrastinated on visiting the pumpkin patch this year with the kids.  Most weekends are filled with birthday parties and other activities, so I’ve kept putting it off.  Of course, then we’d planned on finally going yesterday evening and it rained.  I’m hoping we can visit sometime this week, before Halloween, so we can grab a few pumpkins to carve.
I’ve also only used my iPhone for the past few years and have never pulled out my Canon.  I figured since it was six years old, that it was time for a new one.  I was on the hunt for awhile, and finally got a new one about a month ago.  I have yet to take the time to play with it, but am hoping to, before we hit up the pumpkin patch so I can try and capture some great pics.  I’ll let you know how it goes.
Another reason to set up the new camera is I have got to get a Christmas card pic.  I’m still trying to figure out where I want the location to be and what the children will wear.  Yesterday I was shopping around and found so many cute dresses for the girls, for the card.  Aren’t these three adorable?

And of course, when you’re shopping around online, it’s so easy to stumble other cute things you love too.  I can’t get over the new thermal mugs and water bottles by Kate Spade.  I have the ‘Cold Hands, Warm Heart’ one, but as it gets colder, I may grab a few more for the early morning car ride to get all the kids to school.  These would make great gifts too!

Water Bottle (red and turquoise) // Glitter // Polka Dot

I know I posted this outfit on Friday’s post, but wanted you to know that the gingham shirtcardigancrossbody and jeans are all currently 25% off with code: LOVEFALL // Dolce Vita Smoking Loafer // Tory Burch Sunglasses // Tory Burch Logo Studs // House of Harlow Necklace
A few other finds I’m loving lately…
I picked these up over the weekend while out shopping.  Y’all know I’m all about simple stud earrings.  These are so pretty and a great price too at only $28!
After trying this on over the weekend, I fell in love.  Just love the colors for fall.  After I left the store, I was on the hunt to find it at a lower price.  I was successful!  Normally $248, but I found it here available in size XS, M and L priced around $50.  The small I guess is popular so it’s only on sale for $130.
I fell in love with this one, especially the back of it.  Ordered it over the weekend.
I’ll let you know the fit, as soon as it arrives.


I found Tory Burch Millers on sale!
They run true to size.
Since these are rarely on sale, I’m not sure how long they’ll last, so shop quickly!

Happy Tuesday, Y’all!

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  1. My hubby has the iPhone 6 plus and loves it ! Great quality photos 🙂 I have a Cannon 60D and it's so big, I resorted to grabbing the hubby's phone and taking pictures with it instead.

    1. I got the small, but it was priced lower when I got it. After I ordered it, the price jumped up to $130 for the small size. Kind of odd. I would say your best fit would probably be a small, but if I were you I'd get the medium to save you more money. The sizing won't be that different.

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