You’re Under Arrest!

No, I did not get arrested.  I was looking at Rachel Zoe’s site, and she raved about this handcuff bracelet.

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The designer is Jack Vartanian.  I was a little skeptical, but when I checked out his website, he actually has some pretty amazing jewelry.  Unfortunately, it’s all on a celebrity or millionaire-budget, or non-budget that is.  Haha.  Check out the ‘Who Wears It’ section.  Every favorite celebrity of mine wears his jewelry.  Just to name a few:  Faith Hill, Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, etc.  And of course they look amazing in his jewelry too. 

Any opinions about the bracelet?

Oh, and TGIF!

3 thoughts on “You’re Under Arrest!

  1. i thought they were earrings at first. Yikes. Call me conservative. But I'm thinking no. But I have to admit. I could see them on FH, KH, and CD. She def has her target market in mind.

  2. I agree with Anna and Julie on this one! I am definitely a conservative jewelry wearer. Wedding rings, silver earrings and my silver initial necklace – that's it!

    However, I could see my sister wearing it 🙂

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