Wednesday Whereabouts

Alright, get ready for a Christmas re-cap!  This past week was such an exciting time for our family, with many blessings and wonderful news!

First off, on my birthday (Sunday, the 18th), my sisters and I were all together…celebrating Christmas a week early, with my mom’s side of the family.  Well, my sister (#4 of the 6) gave me a birthday card, and in it was an ultrasound pic!!!  She’s expecting mid-July, and all of us were shocked and so excited for her!

The one expecting is on the far left, holding E.
 And last Wednesday, my sister (#5 of the 6) got engaged!!!

Yummy Edible Art cake!  My FAVORITE!!
Lots of dogs were in attendance this holiday season…
Doxology (my sister-in-law’s chocolate lab – 6 months old)
Jack (my parents’ rat terrier – 12 years old) 

Georgia (my in-laws’ German short-hair pointer – 6 years old)
Loved that I got to hold my niece again (4 weeks old)! 
My parents’ cozy living room at Christmas.
My husband’s grandmother, holding L. 

My youngest sister (#6 of the 6) loving on W and L. 

Such a happy boy! 

Enjoying personalized pancakes at my parents’ house on Christmas Eve morning. 

Tired girl needs some rest before Santa’s arrival! 

Christmas morning at the in-laws.
Little L with my sister-in-law and her husband.  They came all the way from Dallas! 
LOTS of serious unwrapping! 

Christmas lunch at my parents’.
My mom teaching W some street games, lol. Which cap is it under, W? 

And the hubs teaching W how to yo-yo…
There were some fun treats in our poppers this year! 

Relaxing after having my first stab at Dance Party 3. Wish I would have captured a photo.
I know there is some video footage circulating.  Talk about a work-out!

What a fun holiday!
Sorry, there weren’t more photos of E, but she was pretty sick.
The poor thing napped most of Christmas day.
I hope y’all had a wonderful holiday!

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  1. I got Just Dance 3 for my birthday (on the day before Christmas). My kids and I have had so much fun playing it the past few days!!!

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