Wednesday Whereabouts

Little W is sick with a fever today.  So we’re at home, letting her rest.  As the girls nap, I’m here…

Well…I wish I was in Nicky Hilton’s closet.  I’m actually in my attic, extreme wardrobe cleaning in the works and prepping lots of clothes to consign.  I’m finally getting rid of the clothes that I always find myself saying I’ll wear again…and never do.  My husband would agree that it’s about time.  Such a great feeling to purge things I don’t use or wear!  Maybe in my next house I’ll have a closet large enough to keep every season out, instead of having to store it in the attic…hardwood floors are a must, also!

Happy Wednesday, Y’all!
P.S. For all you Lilly Lovers, the fall line will be debuting online tomorrow!
A fabulous Fashion Friday post, full of Lilly, will be in order!  Stay tuned!
One of the MUSTS on my Fall Lilly Lust List!
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8 thoughts on “Wednesday Whereabouts

  1. Can't wait to see everything tomorrow morning! I can't wait to post about it, too. Love that closet and hope W feels better soon. 🙂

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