Wednesday Whereabouts

In honor of Thanksgiving, can you guess the location?  I’ve been here, and it’s a neat place – but these are not my images.  Good luck!

Hint: A certain rock is housed here.

A remake of the real thing.

Prayers for safe travels to all of you visiting family and friends out of town for Thanksgiving!

Gobble!  Gobble!

9 thoughts on “Wednesday Whereabouts

  1. It must be Plymouth, MA! I've stopped there a couple of times on our way to Cape Cod, such a charming town!
    Hope you and your lovely family have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. Plymouth Rock! I remember going there as a child and there being a clam stand just as you toured the ship. They were fried and in a brown paper bag…so delicious!! Have a wonderful time!!

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