Wednesday Whereabouts

Can you guess the location this week?  With all this rain, I sure would like to be there now.  Well then again, even if it wasn’t raining.  Haha.  I suffered a good sunburn while I visited there about ten years ago, but it was completely worth it!

Happy Wednesday, Y’all!


P.S. How cute is this little Ipod/Camera/Phone sleeve I just received from the Etsy shop, JonahDay?  At only $12, free shipping, and the cutest patterns around, who could resist?

30 thoughts on “Wednesday Whereabouts

  1. I'm ashamed to say that I have NO idea where this is – it looks far more exotic than any locale I've ever been to – but I want to be there RIGHT NOW! 🙂

  2. First I was going to go with Mexico but then that hillside picture made me think Italy. Wherever it is, I'd much rather be there now too!

  3. Don't know where, but would love to go! And I love the case…I'm going to have to get one! I need one for my camera since the zipper broke on the one I had.

  4. Nice Nice Nice!!! So beautiful. I'll have to give you some on my pics from my backpacking trip to put up for new whereabouts. 🙂

  5. Feel free to print out my list for your daughter! There will be 5 I think so wait until the whole series is finished.
    I find kids dont listen to their moms but will listen to other people so who knows! It might work!

  6. Looks like Barcelona, Spain. What a beautiful photo. I really enjoy your Wednesday Whereabouts posts.

    P.S. I am extremely impressed with your organization as well.


  7. I'm completely stumped, but it looks amazing! I'm jealous that you've been there. 🙂 What a cute ipod case!


  8. I think you were in Nice, but I'm not sure because of the distance from the water. I hope you are having a great day and dreaming dreams of the French Riveria. Blessings…Mary

  9. Hi honey! I really don't know I think you have us stumped! But I would love to be there sipping something exotic and toasting with you! Hope your week is going well xoxoxox

  10. One of my fav places in the world! My husband and I traveled there many years ago when Princess Grace was alive and at home in the Palace.

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