Wednesday Whereabouts

I hope to be here tonight!  This is the first time for tennis that I’m actually praying it will rain tonight.  I’m scheduled to play, but I REALLY want to go to my Lent service at church.  I know, my priorities should be at church anyway, but I forgot it was Ash Wednesday today, and had to tell my captain ahead of time if I would miss a week, and I didn’t tell her I’d have to miss this match.  So prayers for rain!  It IS supposed to rain all day, according to the weather report.  I sure hope they’re right!

I’ve decided to exercise, both physically and mentally, everyday of the forty days for Lent.  My body needs this, and so does my spirit.  What have y’all decided to do for Lent this year?

12 thoughts on “Wednesday Whereabouts

  1. Hi! I am a longtime follower of your blog and have commented a few times. I also live in Charlotte. I was going to email you but couldn't find your email address. I have a question for you, a travel question about the NC mountians. If you could email me at I would appreciate it! Thank you 🙂

  2. Ash Wednesday mass, is one of my most favorite masses. Aside of Christmas mass I feel like it is one of the most inspirational and moving masses… at least in my parish it is! Hope you made it!

  3. Hi! I just stumbled across your blog this morning!!! I am glad that I did because I see that we have quite a bit in common — I am a Georgia girl who married a NC guy — and I live in the mountains of NC now. We used to live in Belmont, and while I LOVE living in the mountains, I do miss all that Charlotte had to offer. I also have a love for Braves Baseball and Lilly Pulitzer. One of the things I miss most abot Charlotte is the large Lilly section at the Belk at South Park…..not that I have money to go buy anything. =)

    That is an incredibly beautiful church, btw. What denomination is it? There aren't that many that do actual Ash Wednesday Services, so I was just wondering. =)
    For Lent this year, I gave up meat. I also decided to put on praying for those who are hard to love.
    Nice to meet you! I will be back again.

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