Wednesday Whereabouts: Where’s the Elf?

We began The Elf on the Shelf tradition last night, with a mystery knock on the door, followed by noticing a wrapped box at our door, the girls wildly opening it, and discovering their new elf.  Let’s just say W was more than a little excited that she got her very own elf – “Like in the movie, Mama!”

For those interested in starting the tradition with your family, here’s how it works, if you’re explaining it to your children…

The elf comes to live with you until Christmas.  You name him, and learn all the rules about your new elf friend, by reading the book.  Your elf watches you all day long, wherever you are, and at night he flies back to Santa and reports whether or not you’ve been naughty or nice that day.  And when you wake up each morning, the game is find where the elf has landed for the day, after he’s visited Santa during the night.  Here are some other rules, that you’ll learn by reading the book: You can’t touch him, or he may lose his magic, and may not have enough flying power to make it back to report to Santa that night.  He only listens and watches you, because Santa says he’s not allowed to talk to you, he’s only sent to observe your behavior.  And on Christmas Eve, after your elf hears Santa’s bells coming, he goes back to live with Santa until the next Christmas season.  And if your elf has reported to Santa that you’ve been a good girl or boy, Santa will bring you presents.

Hope that helps!

W named our elf, Snowflake.  At first, she wanted to name him Boozer, after our dog, but I told her to think of a new name, and that he may get confused if we are talking to our dog, Boozer.  Well, she looked at E’s pajamas (that had snowflakes all over them), and said “Let’s call him Snowflake!”  Works for me.  This morning, W was so excited to look for him, and as soon as she came into the den, she noticed him right away.  His spry little self was perched on one of our picture frames.  This tradition, should be fun…that’s if we remember to move him EVERY night!

Here’s Snowflake’s first hiding place for this year…such a sneaky guy!


After decorating our house for Christmas this past weekend, I was so excited to get the Holiday Nest Candle for the season.  If you haven’t smelled it yet, you NEED it in your life.  It’s by far my favorite smelling candle for Christmas time.  It’s already been lit on our mantle every night…


I know many of you start an advent calendar tomorrow, we’ll be doing the same.  Here’s our Nutcracker Advent Calendar….

Little E snuck into the shot this morning
…saying, “Say Cheese, Mama!” – in other words, “Take MY picture, Mama!”
Took her to the doc this morning, poor girl has a double ear infection.

In each door, I’m going to place a typed bible verse and four Smarties candies (two for each girl, each day).  Growing up, we always each had our own, where we’d get a piece of chocolate everyday…but seriously, y’all, my children don’t need that kind of caffeine yet.  If you’re interested in typing up your own bible verses for your advent calendar, click here for a variety of “children-related” verses to choose from. Or if you’d like a list of 25 verses I’ve chosen for our advent calendar, click here or click on the candles image, on my sidebar.

Alright, one more thing before I head off to type up those bible verses, just wanted to let you know I’ve added some things to my blog sale.  And remember, I ship for FREE!  Click here to check it out.  Here’s a sneak peak…

Happy Hump Day!

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  1. I think the elf on the shelf is great!!! I would make a reminder on your phone for each evening so the elf gets moved! Good luck! I love the Christmas season!!

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