Wednesday Whereabouts: What We’ve Been Up To

As you know, Logan had pink eye from this past Thursday-Sunday.  Therefore, the children and I weren’t able to go anywhere while we waited for Logan’s eyes to heal.  Thankfully, they’ve healed and no one else got it.  Nap times on those days were especially nice!  One day, I even managed to paint my nails and read through the latest Garden & Gun that came in the mail.
 Watching their daddy grill in the rain!

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On Saturday, my sister (#3 of the 6 girls) was close to our house with some friends and her husband at a bar.  So I met her out.  Such a fun night!
 Some of my latest favorites arrived in the mail.  Although I’m not a big lipstick wearer, I really do love this color from Bobbi Brown (pictured above Coral Gables).  And I’m a sucker for a good Emi-Jay Hair Tie…now on sale.
Off on a ride in Daddy’s pick-up truck!  Some special one-on-one time.
 The girls stayed with myself and Vaughn while Logan and Lanier were gone.  They were very successful in teaching him how to dance.
Spying on Vaughn and Boozer.  Vaughn loves him so much!
 Moon & Lola Monogrammed Bangle – Currently $44.90 with free shipping during Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale.  Also available in black.
On Sunday night, we celebrated my youngest sister’s 24th birthday.  So young!  The girls were very interested in the magazines my sister received for her birthday.  I gave this to her.
The girls have been highly enjoying VBS this week!  Wheeler told me she wished she could go every week!  What a compliment!

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Last night, my mother-in-law and the girls went out to dinner and then to see Mary Poppins.
The girls were extremely excited!!
My mother-in-law (Grammy) with the girls.
And one of their favorite parts after the show?  Checking out all the different instruments they used during the musical.
Hallelujah!  Logan’s eyes are FINALLY better.
Okay, lastly, how cute are these Boys’ PJs ($22.90) from the Nordstrom Sale??  I mean it’s like they made them just for our family – they look exactly like little Boozer!  I got the boys both a pair of them.
Hope y’all are having a great week!

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