Wednesday Whereabouts + What I Wore

What a weekend!  On Thursday morning, we made the 9+ hour drive to Mobile, Alabama for our tennis sectionals.

Sunnies // Necklace // Crossbody // Bracelet

After our match, we headed to Fairhope.  The cutest little town!  Just wish we could’ve enjoyed it more.  Thanks for all of your recommendations.  Unfortunately, by the time we got ready and headed to Fairhope, it was about 4:45 when we arrived.  I wish I would’ve known that most of the stores closed at 5pm, so we didn’t have much time to shop.  But of course the shops we managed to make it to, we still did some damage.

We loved everything at B Southern!

The fact that it was tax-free weekend in Alabama, helped us save some extra money too!

Y’all gave me so many recs on dinner spots in Fairhope that I was nervous about choosing the right one.  But I think we did!

This rosé was delicious!

Not only was the food so good…

…but so was our view!  Lucky us, we scored the best seats in the house!

On Saturday, we were scheduled to have matches in the morning, but it rained for most of the day.  So all of our matches were postponed until the evening.  While we waited out the rain, we spent most of the middle of Saturday enjoying lunch and shopping.

Absolutely LOVED Hemline!  So many good things!

Before our first match at 5:30, we got the news that instead of two matches we were supposed to play that day, that we’d have to play THREE!  Loved our reactions!  So that meant, 5:30, 8:30 and 11am?!  They wanted us to play a third instead of playing one more on Sunday, for fear of more rain.  Keep in mind, with the time change, that meant we were actually playing our last match at midnight.

Right before our last match at 11am!

Sweet tea and the best crushed ice.  Nothing better!  I know a lot of y’all may not follow tennis, so I’ll save you all the details, but our matches between the states were so close.  If we’d had one more win, we would’ve gone to the finals to battle Arkansas.  It’s hard to get your entire team to make the trip, so a few had plans they couldn’t change.  But we fought hard, even after having to forfeit a line for our first match.  I’m so glad we decided to go and wouldn’t have changed anything.  Hopefully, I’ll be back at sectionals one day, but this season was one I’ll never forget!

We got back on Sunday night and Lanier had already headed down to Pawley’s for the week with the kids.  I spent much of Monday catching up, cleaning, unpacking, repacking and getting some laundry done.  That afternoon, I was sooo ready to get there and see all of them!

How cute are these jelly bangles?  Just $15 and I think there are only a few left.

Wore this new coverup and absolutely LOVE it!  So airy and breathable!  Paired it with these flip flops and these sunnies (on sale!).

Sweet Logan Bear.

So happy to have some time to relax after a busy weekend!

Matching with Effie in our Marysia.  It’s an old print from a few years ago, but this top is the same style.

Walmart has a huge summer clearance sale going on right now.  Scroll below for some of my fave picks from the sale.  My mom has always told me that it’s always good to have a foldable card table and I think I’m going to order this one.  A great price too!

I told y’all I love this dress style so much, that I really am going to own all of the prints eventually!  Carrying this one to the beach with me this week!  For fit, I know I’ve shared this before but in case you missed it, it runs narrow in the shoulders.  I always size up to a medium for a better fit.  Paired it with this necklace and these wedges.

I hope y’all are having a great week so far!  It’s hard to believe, but it was 68 degrees here all morning and such low humidity that it felt like we were in the mountains.  And you better believe we’re taking full advantage!

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  1. Hi! Do you think the amazon dress will open up enough to breastfeed in it? Also, you mentioned sizing up to medium for shoulders- do you think a medium would be okay for a larger chest like 34 DDD? Thanks!

    1. I’m so sorry for the delayed response. The top is pretty low so I think it could open up, not quite sure.

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