Wednesday Whereabouts: A Wedding Shower and Anthro Sale!

This past weekend, I attended a friend’s wedding shower, hosted at my parents’ house.  It was an unusually cool, beautiful day!  With the temps in the 80s most of the week, it was the perfect time to have a mid-60s day, as we enjoyed the wedding shower on my parent’s porch.

The beaming bride-to-be with her sister and mother.
 Sweet tea, orange juice and mimosas!
My youngest sister (#6 of the 6) and L.
The spread.
Go Tigers!
Me and Sister #6.
 My mom was a lovely hostess, as always!
That’s our family dog, Jack, he turned 13 two days ago.
It was a wonderful shower!  And Miss C sure racked up!


My dad entertained the girls, while we waited for my sister and her NEW HUBBY to return from their honeymoon!!  These kiddos are seriously happiest with the simplest things in life.  Shouldn’t we all be?
They’re home…with nice tans, to boot!
How fun are these glasses?
Anthropologie currently has a great sale going on, with free shipping over $100.  These glasses used to be $12 a pop, and now they’re only $3.95.  Can’t beat that!  Use them for drinking or for displaying your earrings around the rim.
Was $18, Now $9.95
Was $24, Now $14.95
Set of 4.
While there are eight colors to choose from, currently the only ones on sale are light grey and green.
I use small bowls in my bathrooms drawers for housing my toiletries and assorted make-up and brushes.  I’d proudly display them on my sink top, because they’re so cute, but I’m afraid the little ones would have too much with their new “toys”.
Was $20, Now $9.95
Was $14, Now $7.95
I’m sure Anthro has great clothes on sale too, but I was definitely in a “Kitchen & Dining” state of mind.
Happy Hump Day!

6 thoughts on “Wednesday Whereabouts: A Wedding Shower and Anthro Sale!

  1. 🙂 That picture of the girls remind me of me and my bestfriend. She lives in a farm (no pool) so in the summer we usually do that! and have lots of fun! bring back really good memories!

  2. Beautiful shower! I can't wait to throw one for my friends! And P.S. top picture left dress, I adore it! It is sooo pretty!

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