Wednesday Whereabouts + Ray-Bans on Sale! + Fave Kate Spade Studs on Sale

 This past week was another week of beautiful weather and lots of water time!  Our friends were in town last week vacationing.  We had the best time catching up – but always too short though!
And another fun playdate at the beach and pool!

On Friday, we headed to my parents’ house to meet my newest nephew, just six days old!

But first, a warm hug from my dad, their Grandaddy.
 I cannot explain to you how smitten Vaughn was with his newest little cousin.
 He couldn’t take his eyes off of him.  Analyzing every single limb, hand and foot.
He wanted to hold him every second he could, asking if he wanted to play cars with him and read books.  One day, Vaughn, one day, he’ll be old enough.
Look at that smile!
It was a hot weekend, but that didn’t keep them inside.  They absolutely love being outside…even in 90 degree weather.

On Saturday, we made it to the pool with my sister and her three kids and my parents.  And we even managed to meet up with more friends.  How sweet is my friend’s daughters’ bonnet?  Wish I’d known about them when my girls were little.  Just precious. // Mara Hoffman Bikini Top
Can we talk about my Ray-Ban Sunglasses I’m wearing?  And how I just found them on sale for under $100, and they ship for free!?  Get them now before they’re gone!

Love this Wildfox Barbie Sweatshirt!  Have worn it every morning for the last few days.  It’s super soft and perfectly worn-in.  And the best part is it’s now 40% off!
 On Sunday, my grandfather came into town for the day.  It was so good to see him and he loves spending time with the children.  And they love seeing him too.
Vaughn was so happy to see him.  He’d go and play a little and then come back and want to lay in his great-grandfather’s lap.  I’ve never seen him do that with anyone else – how he’d just lay there for awhile in complete peace.
Wheeler turns SEVEN on Thursday!  Still cannot believe it!  She celebrated with some of her buddies she’s met since moving to town.
I think it’s safe to say our crew had a blast!

Seeing this photo makes me realize just how old she is getting!  Time flies!
Cherish it now because life moves all too quickly.

I gave Lanier one of his Father’s Day gifts early.  He loved it so much he wore it today!  Wearing this shirt and this tie.
So I misplaced my Fitbit when I was charging it last.  It’s honestly been missing for about a month.  But when I was cleaning out some things the other day, I found it!  I was still hesitant to wear it at the pool, since we’re there so often.  But my friend had hers on at the pool on Saturday and she said she hasn’t had a problem with wearing it, and that it claims to be water resistant.  So I’m back at it again.  I swear it really does motivate you to be more active.  I’m already thinking about when I’m going to squeeze in my next run.  For those interested, I have this one.
One more thing, I wanted to let you know that my favorite Kate Spade Studs have just been marked done.  Like I always say, photos don’t do them justice.  You will love them if you see them in person!
Happy Wednesday, Y’all!

10 thoughts on “Wednesday Whereabouts + Ray-Bans on Sale! + Fave Kate Spade Studs on Sale

  1. I don't know what I would if I lost my Fitbit! This thing goes EVERYWHERE with me! And it is so very motivating!

    Also, Happy early birthday Wheeler! 🙂

  2. Those pictures of Vaughn and his baby cousin are too cute! Happy Birthday to Wheeler!


  3. Your kids are just so cute! Wheeler and Logan are twins and Effie and Vaughn are twins, it's too funny. Looks like you all are having a great summer so far!

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